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Mary and the Fruit find Amelia, but she tells them it's too late. "That's what we have today," Mary laments as they leave. "Nothing but negative." That's for sure.

Commercials. Wait a minute, who let that Spice Girls song in? When I threw that song out several years ago, I believe it promised never to darken my door again. Was it toying with me?

Music: "[Beh-neh- neh-neh-neh-neh- neh-neh.]" Paige explains yet again the concept of the Detour, with the walking and the driving and the herbal tea, as we look at pictures of the Teeth's feet. The Adultery Alliance is searching as well. Meanwhile, in the Cha-Cha-Cha cab, Oswald says that the tree might be faster, because it's "more difficult," and sometimes that pays off. I actually think he has it backwards. The tree might be faster exactly because it's easier. After all, at eighteen miles away, you certainly wouldn't want it to be more difficult.

Mary and the Fruit, soldiering on. In case you've forgotten where they are, they still have to find the Green Star, having missed out on the Fast Forward. Rather than climb the building and look, though, Mary opts to stand on the street and ask about the "Green Star." She's really lucky, because the green star could easily have been a producer-introduced element that the locals wouldn't know. It didn't work out that way, or her situation could have been even worse. Even so, this strategy doesn't look like it works too well, but I suppose Mary is desperately trying to make up time, and it's not impossible that this could have worked. Peach thinks they should just go up and look, and she doesn't like the idea of Mary walking around asking for directions, but indeed, eventually, a guy puts them on the track of the ferry. Once they're on board, Mary tells the camera that they're just going to hope that when they de-boat on the other side, the clue is there.

Meanwhile, Gary and Dave woo-hoo across Hong Kong Harbor on their way to the pit stop, where Phil is chuckling and waiting for them. They land on the mat, and Phil tells them they're first, and it's actually a relatively endearing Thunk moment. UNTIL, that is, Gary starts talking again. "The other teams used to think we were two stooges that were missing Moe. Now we got the mo, we got the big mo, we got the mo-men-tum..." Dave laughs. I look at my watch and wonder whether Sorkin's got something better on over at NBC. Then I remember the last few episodes I saw, and I go back to watching Gary.

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