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As he and Dave begin their Fast Forward quest, Gary interviews that using the Fast Forward is "like losing your virginity," what with the irrevocability and such. He says this is why they're "scared" and "giddy." Ugh, as well as (THUNK), as well as "Ew." Thanks, I didn't really want my dinner anyway.

The three teams currently at the top of the tower (the former Adultery Alliance and the Teeth) figure out the ferry clue and take off, running into Cha-Cha-Cha getting off the elevator. As the other teams run for the ferries, Oswald seems to figure it out in no time, and he's in pursuit. These four teams bunch at the ferry, where Blake asks Danny if he and Ozzie have seen Mary and the Fruit. "No, we lost them at the airport," Danny says. Blake wonders if the sisters are behind them.

They are, and in their cab, Mary agonizes over the stupidity of going to the wrong building. "A blatant, easy mistake," she says. "The time we lost, we deserve," she groans, and I frankly have to agree.

At the Wong Tai Sin temple, Thunk starts looking for the fortune teller. I'm calling her Amelia Chao, but that's a very phonetic spelling, and I apologize for its probable inaccuracy. They ask for her up and down rows of little booths, to no avail.

On the ferry, Blake mentions to Paige's teeth how fabulous it is to be in Hong Kong. It's a nice moment, but a pretty staged one, I do believe. The ferry lands, and the teams clamber off. They all run for the flag, and when Tara reaches it, Wil has her go around the corner of a phone booth so she can read it without being disturbed by all those icky other teams. (It's also very Superman. Maybe Wil will come out with a big red cape and a spandex suit with a "W" on the front, and he'll think it stands for "Wil," but actually it will stand for "Weasel," and then I'll laugh and laugh. I need a nap.) At any rate, the clue is this week's Detour, which is called Wishing Tree or Herbal Tea. Surprisingly straightforward names, and yet somehow unsatisfying. I am, in fact, impossible to please. Oh, and Phil says that a Detour is a choice between two tasks -- that's two, for those of you keeping score at home -- and that each has its own pros and cons. Did you make a note? Burn it into your arm with a blow torch, because otherwise, we'll have this conversation again and again, I promise you.

Anyway, the idea behind this Detour is that you can take a taxi eighteen miles and throw a ball into a tree, or you can take a walk around a marketplace near where you found the clue and look for an herbalist who will make you drink something that will taste like it was boiled inside your shoes.

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