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Taraweasel, Boston, and the Teeth look for the building, and Cha-Cha-Cha is hot on their tails. Mary and the Fruit are bringing up the rear. Sniff! When they get a cab, Mary asks the driver to take them to "Center." He says "Central," and she repeats, "Center." Oh, noooo!

A frustrated Thunk is having trouble finding the Star, so Gary brings up the Fast Forward. Now, I'm not saying this didn't work out for them, and I'm not saying that they might not be able to make it into an unbunchable lead at some point (though I'm skeptical), but I think this was a really stupid move. They know the other teams are coming. They're going to be able to get a hint about where it is by looking at where other teams are looking when they spot it and suddenly bolt for the exits. Moreover, it can't be that hard to find, and they need to think logically about the fact that it has to be something that they can find if they stop and think. Getting frustrated with a task after a short time (and the other teams aren't there yet, so I don't think they've been looking very long) is not a good reason to use up your Fast Forward, in my personal world of strategy. But what do I know? I've never won anything except the occasional twenty-ounce Diet Coke from one of those magical green caps. At any rate, the Fast Forward tells them to go to a Hong Kong temple and find a fortune teller. She'll tell their fortune, and they'll get the clue. They decide to go for it.

On the crowded Boston/ Taraweasel/ Teeth elevator, Blake remarks that "everyone's a little hot, and no one's smelling very good." (Shout-out to last week's theme song lyrics!) Tara: "I smell like roses, what are you talking about?" Blake: "You haven't smelled like roses since Vegas." Heh. She laughs. Oh, yeah. They're all ripe as all-get-out, you can tell. You can almost see the wiggly little green lines coming off them. They get off the elevator at the top floor, and Gary and Dave get on it, taking off for the Fast Forward. Everybody starts looking for the star, which Tara comments is "like finding a needle in a haystack."

Cha-Cha-Cha gets to Central Plaza. Mary, in her cab, is reiterating that she wants the building "called Center, C-E-N-T-E-R." Ack! Cut to a lovely building called "The Center Building," which is tall, but which they are told inside is certainly not the tallest in Hong Kong. (This is what makes me think they lost their route information -- apparently Mary was doing this from memory, in which case I have to think she would have been better off asking for the tallest building in the city, yes?) The guy inside clarifies that they want Central Plaza. Oops. As they head for the Plaza, they agree that they should definitely take the Fast Forward when they get there, because they've fallen behind.

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