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Commercials. Can you hear me now, sobbing and begging you to stop this infernal advertising campaign before my brain dissolves into a formless puddle of goo and begins leaking out of my ears while I'm asleep? Good.

The flight lands in Bangkok at 8:10 AM, with everyone on it. They all dash for the 8:40 AM to Hong Kong. "Hold the plane!" Alex wildly screams in a way I actually find rather amusing. They get onto an airport shuttle to get from the Chiang Mai-Bangkok flight to the Bangkok-Hong-Kong flight. "We have very tight connection [sic], is it possible for you to go now?" Wil asks the shuttle driver, actually sounding a bit like he's attempting not to be a jerk. I'm sure it won't last. At 8:41 AM, probably with a bunch of other agitated passengers sitting on the plane waiting for their TV-star asses, everybody climbs aboard. The Amazing Yellow Line goes from Bangkok to Hong Kong, and Phil tells us that the teams are, too. When they get there, they need to go to the city's tallest building, which is Central Plaza.

Thunk is first out of the airport, followed by the Teeth, Taraweasel, Boston, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Mary and the Fruit. They all need a train to the city, and it appears that you use a little ATM-like deal to get your tickets. Thunk makes it onto the first train, and Dave refers to them as "Team Domination." Ugh. The second train holds Taraweasel, Boston, and the Teeth. Wil is dancing again, and I just really don't need to see that. Take a nap, Wil. Third train carries Cha-Cha-Cha, while Mary struggles with the ticket ATM. As they finally get a train, Mary asks the Fruit where the "maps" are, and the Fruit doesn't know. Mary has the Amazing Purse, so I'm actually thinking this is her day to be in charge of the stuff. But the stuff, it appears, is lost. Given what happens to them next, I actually think they didn't lose just a map, but actually their whole packet of route information. That's a pretty devastating mistake right there, for sure.

Thunk makes a bunch of friends on the train, including a lady who tells them they can follow her, since she's going in the direction of Central Plaza. Well played, Thunk! She points them right to the building, and they arrive first. They find the right elevator and head up.

Mary and the Fruit, apprehensively contemplating their fate as they head, rather rudderless now, for downtown.

Thunk finds the top of the building to be a very large glass-walled room with spectacular views of Hong Kong in every direction. The clue tells them to pick up some binoculars and look for the "Green and White Star." As Phil explains, this is actually a reference to the Star Ferry, a green-and-white boat that will take them where they need to go next. They look, but Dave looks dubious. I would point out that I was happy to see this clue, because it's not one of the "Go here, dummy" clues that have plagued the show since the middle of the first season. Dave, on the other hand, is not as pleased with the cryptic quality of the clue as I am.

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