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Back at the airport, Blake is on the phone. Tara is on the phone. Alex is on the phone. The flight to Bangkok is at 7:00 AM, and there's a flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong at 8:40 AM, and Tara is curious about whether they'll make it. Dave, on the other hand, seems to have gotten himself and Gary, as well as Mary and the Fruit, "reservations" for a 10:30 AM flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong, probably worrying about the close connection. Now, I am distinguishing "book" from "reserve" here, because it has always been my understanding that once you booked a flight, you couldn't change it -- it's in the rules. This doesn't necessarily preclude reservations, so if that's what he's got, then they're fine. But it sounds a lot like they have tickets to me, so I'm a little confused. When Gary hears that Blake got the Teeth on the 8:40 AM (nice of you to tell him, Blake, you silly little chippy), he goes at Dave in a full-on Geek Attack, an ancient fighting form that involves flaming Number 2 pencils and some creative uses of a three-hole punch. "Are you a fucking idiot or what?" he asks. Gary voices over that Dave screwed up by "booking" a flight that was two hours later than the one everybody else had, and the next thing we see is Gary on the phone...changing the reservation. So I don't know. My understanding was that the rules were there exactly so this wouldn't happen -- get a safe flight and then shop around to see what everybody else is doing, then change it. Obviously, nobody thought it was illegal, but I find it intriguing.

After we establish that Cha-Cha-Cha has also gotten on the 8:40 AM through their online explorations, we go back to Gary and Dave, who are discussing their little dust-up. Dave says that Gary could have been a little nicer, and Gary responds that they have to "know their strengths," so Gary will "talk to people" and Dave can "open the clues." Okay, heh. I will admit that line isn't a complete washout, though I hardly think Gary has shown any particular gift for talking to people either, so he's not necessarily got all that much to brag about.

Tara and Wil are -- I know you're shocked -- fighting. She still looks horrible. He bends down to talk to her, exactly like he would if she weren't, you know, a grown woman, and he says, "We're playing a game, and we're here to win big money." And then he walks away. TOOL. At least he didn't give her a lollipop. Tara continues the World's Most Stupid and Unromantic Romance by explaining that she never really has gotten along with Wil, and mentioning that she gets along better with Boston. More yapping about the Taraweasel bickering, and then here's a shot of her sitting in Chris's lap. Yeah, I know. That's the other Boston. I have a feeling she parks in a fair number of laps without meaning a whole lot by it, because she's that girl precisely. Fortunately, that girl and that guy tend to get along, so she and Alex might make each other very happy, in a sort of mutually-in-it-for-the-wrong-reasons kind of way. At any rate, Chris says that he and Alex are going to screw Wil and Tara before Wil and Tara screw them. Oh, write your own damn "screw" joke, people. I'm too tired, and I can't do everything. I mean, if you can't write your own "screw" joke, shouldn't you be off practicing instead of waiting for me to make one for you? Well, shouldn't you?

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