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9:00 PM. Blake and Paige. Blake explains that they like to be alone. Ew! No, not like that. They like to travel alone, you sicko. They don't want any alliances. Especially, I have to assume, since nobody wants to be in one with them.

9:08 PM. Oswald tells us that their plan has been to run the race themselves and not worry about what other people are doing. That seems to be the theme of the week, which means that either it is a large coincidence, or it was the producers' Interview Question of the Week -- something like, "How do you balance your need to run the race yourself with the challenges of being involved with a group of other people who have personal conflicts?" I'm betting it's not a coincidence.

9:22 PM. Taraweasel are looking quite the Stoner Hippies this evening, with Tara in a flowery embroidered top that's really not doing her any favors, and Wil in one of his several ethnic cannabis-chic print numbers. At least he's bareheaded. He voices over that this is a "do-or-die situation," because they're close to the back of the pack, so it's put up or shut up time for the Weasel and his charming Weaselette. If they don't make a strong showing, he points out, they'll leave "with their tails between their legs." Do weasels even have tails?

9:23 PM. Boston. (Wow, what closely packed start times. Everybody certainly did finish close together last week.) Chris is wearing my least favorite shirt, which is the blue one that says, "Rambler's Roost," and given the poultry reference, I simply cannot believe it doesn't say something above the name like "My Eggs Got Laid At The" or "I Got Clucked At The" or "They Do It With Feathers At The" or "Try the Breasts At The." Anyway, he voices over that he's going to do "everything in [his] pow-ah" not to be Phil-iminated.

Mary and the Fruit, in their cab, are having trouble with navigation, and they decide to let Gary and Dave pass them. This is an interesting, conservative strategy and actually, in my opinion, not an entirely bad idea. This would be the case particularly if they know from past experience that, for instance, Gary and Dave are good navigators and always find the place before anybody else. Thunk doesn't immediately catch on that Mary and Peach are intentionally going slowly, and they convince themselves that passing is a particularly sharp move on their part that is happening because Mary and Peach are slow. All goes according to the Mary plan, and she and the Fruit follow the guys to the temple. There, it's still open (despite the late hour), and teams are to find the McFlag, as usual. This doesn't prevent the Fruit from happily chirping, "Hey, there's a flag over there!" like it's the neato-est thing she ever saw. Gary and Dave open the clue first, and it tells them to get to the top of the tallest building in Hong Kong.

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