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I'm Gonna Throw Up On Phil's Shoes

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In their cab, post-Roadblock, the Teeth ponder their fate. They have not had a good day, and they know they're dragging behind. They're just hoping they're not being eliminated. Blake is starting to look really, really scraggly. Mmm...What?

Taraweasel arrives at the pit stop boat, with nary a smile in sight. Finally, on the mat, they smile as Phil informs them that they're in third place. They high-five.

Cha-Cha-Cha pulls up in their cab. "I see the boat, that's totally it," Oswald says. As they ride across the harbor, Danny fantasizes about being Phil-iminated, and Oswald comments that he's "gonna throw up on Phil's shoes." Heh. As they land on the mat, though, there is no actual vomiting. Phil tells them they're in fourth, and they are ecstatically happy. That's good for them, because they've had a crappy couple of legs, and they've survived.

Not so lucky are Mary and the Fruit, now enjoying a little something to eat at the Corner Café. "We decided to make our own pit stop," Peach says, and Mary laughs with her. They actually seem okay.

The Teeth approach the pit stop boat. "Please don't let us go yet," Blake moans. "We've still got racin' left in us." Oh, argh. They land on the mat and get the news from Phil. They are not last. They barely react. "Oh, good," they say. No, really. "Oh, good."

Here come Mary and the Fruit, up to the container port. They pull the clue, but it just says to get to the pit stop boat. Sigh. And them with their little hard hats and everything. "I have changed so much since we started," the Fruit voices over as they approach the pit stop. "I've done a lot of things I never would have done," she adds, probably not thinking about throwing up in a corner, like she did today. In an interview, she's all hot-rollered again, and she explains that she did the best she could, and she and Mary are "sisters, no matter what." They climb up on the mat, Mary refusing the hand that's offered to pull her on board. Hee. Phil tells them they're the last to arrive. "We know that," Mary says. "You're kiddin', Phil," the Fruit snarks. They comment that it certainly was a "big slide" from first to last in one leg, but of course it was really one bunch that did it. "You have your good and your bad," Mary says, "So you take your good from it and dump the bad, 'cause life's just a little too short." Peach is busy being proud of herself for all that she did. Which is nice.

Next week: Two hours. Miss Alli gets carpal tunnel. Oswald and Danny shop. Tara and the Weasel fight. The Teeth have nothing to smile about. Somebody messes up something, and because the previews suggest it's Blake and Paige and Taraweasel, it's probably someone else entirely.

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