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Peach Wobbler

Boston gets the pit stop clue as well, and they're off.

When Danny and Oswald (adorable in their hardhats) read the Roadblock and see that it talks about "high above the ground," Danny chuckles. "You want me to do it, don't you?" Oswald says, "Yes." Danny actually does quite well with the crane, as Oswald looks on admiringly. "If I had to do that," Ozzie says, "I wouldn't have made it. I'm not very mechanical." I don't know why, but the way he says "I'm not very mechanical" makes me laugh like a ten-year-old.

Now the Teeth arrive.

Danny completes the Roadblock, and comments that he's "starting to feel very masculine." Not a week goes by that we don't see the butchness of Cha-Cha-Cha on prominent display, no?

Mary and the Fruit are still looking for the herbalist. (Sniff.) Peach says that she was "literally dragging behind." Now that is an amusing visual, although I'd really rather try it out with another team. Tara dragging Wil on a rope, for instance, would amuse me. Anyway, they continue to look, but it's looking grim in Fruitville, indeed.

Blake is at the Roadblock, looking snazzy but rather concerned under his hard hat. Basically, he cannot hit the container with the crane at all, and quite honestly the jokes about that are so numerous and so distasteful that I prefer to pretend that we never discussed them. Is that all right? Thank you so much. Paige looks on with her best approximation of deeply felt concern.

Finally, Mary and Peach find the tea. That's the good news. The bad news is that the Fruit, as if they need more problems, is the first person to actually choke on the part of the task where they have to drink the icky tea. "Why should I make myself sick and drink that?" she complains, in a moment I think is really one of her worst. "Because I walked this far," Mary says. "Well, so did I," Peach counters. "And I want to get the next clue," Mary continues. She has a seat while Peach considers her plan of attack for the tea. Oh, come on, Fruit! Down the hatch! "It tastes like castor oil, and it makes me want to vomit instantly," she continues. What the Fruit is doing here is overthinking, I do believe. Drink it, and don't think about it -- I think that's the key to this particular Detour. She drinks it eventually, but then she goes around a corner and throws up. And this is where you see it: Killer Fatigue. "I just want to go. I can't do it anymore," Peach says finally. Yep. Killer Fatigue for sure. It ate Paul and Amie, it ate Momily, it ate the Frats...I think it even ate the Guidos. And I'm not talking about physical exhaustion (or not just about physical exhaustion) -- I'm talking about the mental fatigue that leads to a lack of concentration and the making of mistakes. Very understandable indeed, but it basically means you're done.

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