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Boston is getting ready to get the nasty portion of their groove on. "I'm jumping in front of people," Chris explains. "I don't care, I'm not getting eliminated." Chris seems to think that those watching him will be saying to themselves, "What happened to that nice boy?" Instead, I think it's safe to say we are all saying, "Well, it's about TIME, you knucklehead."

Wil and Tara arrive at the port, and are assigned little orange demi-vests. Boston is hot on their heels.

Mary and Peach are still looking for the herbalist. It's not going well.

Cha-Cha-Cha cab. "You still haven't let me eat," Oswald laments quietly. "I haven't let you eat, no," Danny says with his arms folded. "Because we're trying to finish this leg, we don't have time to stop for food." Oswald mentions that he can't even go to the bathroom, and then notices that over his shoulder, there is a place to eat. "There's food over there," he says sadly. Danny just stares at him. "'You have been eliminated,'" he says, and Oswald smiles. "I do not want to hear those words." "Okay," Oswald answers. Man, I love them.

The Adultery Alliance opens the Roadblock clue en masse. In this Roadblock, one team member goes up and gets in a crane, and then has to operate it competently enough to pick up a steel container and then put it down again. Chris and Tara take it. (Chris calls Alex "dog" again. Whatever.) As Tara zooms up to the top of the crane, she voices over that it was really pretty high, and they were eventually looking pretty far down at the container they had to pick up. I can easily imagine that this task would not go well for someone who had a fear of heights, because you very specifically have to look down. Yeesh. It quickly evolves into a race between Tara and Chris. In my favorite moment, Tara comments that from up on the crane, she could "kill somebody." Right then, Wil (who is down on the ground) yells, "Yeah!" Hee. Tara proceeds to kick the crane's ass, while Chris is still messing around trying to get his to work. He's mostly just slow, as opposed to really offensive, except when he takes the opportunity during another Chris's Crotch Cam shot to call himself a "smooth operator." Ick.

In an interview, Tara expresses her satisfaction at having beaten Chris, "the biggest boy here." Back at the Roadblock in real time, Wil says with a smile, "Sometimes girls are better than guys." As Tara climbs out of the crane, Wil manages to sort of insult her while praising her affectionately, saying essentially that she did great, in spite of being, in his opinion, a big weenie. I know of no better way to describe his display. Oh, and he calls her Bony again. They grab the clue, which sends them to the boat pit stop.

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