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Peach Wobbler

Mary and the Fruit de-boat and are happy to see the clue awaiting them on the other side. They're the first to read the complete clue, incidentally, which reveals that the tea they're to drink at the herbalist (Peach pronounces it "HERbalist" also) is a tea to cure fatigue. This makes them laugh. Aww.

Taraweasel is looking for the tea, too, and they finally find it. "Hit me with the tea, baby," Tara says. I'm about ready to hit her with something a little stiffer than tea, that's for sure. They down the drink, and she makes a face. Their next clue takes them to "the world's busiest container port," where they'll find further instructions. Phil explains that it's a "maze...of thousands of metal shipping containers!" Thank you, Phil-ence Olivier, for the dramatic reading.

Taraweasel jumps into a cab just as Boston finds the tea. They drink (Chris, of course, says "Cheers, dog," because how could we recognize him if he didn't?). They're off. The Teeth stand on a street corner, with Blake wondering aloud whether they might be eliminated. As Boston dumps their stuff in the back of a cab, Alex tells the driver that they need to go "very fast," and then mimes a stiff-armed, steering-wheel-clutching, accelerator-stomping example of aggressive driving, complete with revving noises, and then he playfully smacks the driver on the arm. I have to say that out of all the ways to get your driver to go fast, that's probably one of the best I've seen. I think that would work, no matter what country you're in or what language you speak. So score one point for Li'l No-Neck.

Cha-Cha-Cha arrives at the wishing tree. They tie their wishes to round weights and toss them up into the tree. Both stay up on the first try, and they get the container clue. Back in the cab, Oswald reveals that he wished for looove. Danny wished for health for his family. That's kinda nice. I would wish for one of those things also, but I'm not telling you which, lest my family think I don't care if they all get scurvy.

The Teeth take their tea, but Paige makes the mistake of stopping to think about how it tastes, which slows her down a bit. When they're through, they find a cab and get going. In the cab, Paige explains that their driver knows where he's going. "That makes us smile," Blake says, alarmingly flatly. "That makes Team Smiley happy," Paige adds, with an even more alarmingly flat grin. It's a very good thing these people are obviously tired, or I would be afraid they're made of plastic and wires.

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