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Props to Karen, who let me drive by her building, roll down the window, and grab the tape of this episode before I got killed by approaching traffic. And who gave me such good directions out of downtown Minneapolis that I only got lost once, and if I were a normal person, I probably wouldn't have gotten lost at all.

Previously on Pride Goeth Before A Philimination: Charla and Mirna tangled with Colin and Christie and appeared to come out ahead, only to see their lead disintegrate in a pile of pidgin English and fluffy curls. When Charla was slow to eat an ostrich egg and Colin managed to get over his gag reflex just in time, the cousins took a long walk to Sequesterville, undoubtedly complaining the entire time about how sick and disgusting it was.

Credits. You know, Colin secretly hates that boat. He hates the water. He hates the sun. Inexplicably, he gives his own hair a pass.

We return to the bright sun of Tanzania, where apparently, there are animals and children. So it's just like the Minnesota State Fair, except that Tanzania has more rhinos and less alligator meat on a stick. Phil reminds us that Lake Manyara was the most recent pit stop. I have to say, that's one big necklace Phil is sporting. Did he get that from the quarterback of the football team? Because I think that means you're going together, there, Phil. Don't let him pressure you into anything; you don't owe him just because he buys you dinner. Anyway, Phil explains about the eating, and the sleeping and mingling, but the only featured mingling seems to be in the form of a Twinkie looking confused. Maybe two people switched places on her in mid-conversation. Phil wonders whether Ancient Very Very Old People Chip and Kim can stay out ahead of the youngsters, and whether the Twinkies can stop fighting long enough to get out of last place. They have spent a lot of time sucking other people's exhaust, that's for sure.

2:42 AM, also known as Half Past A Very Bad Time To Leave If You Hope To Keep Your Lead. Chip and Kim rip the clue, which tells them to take a taxi 100 miles to Kilimanjaro Airport, where they'll sign up for one of three charter flights to Nairobi, and then go another 2200 miles from there to Dubai. In Dubai, they'll have to find a hotel where their next clue is located across the street. Oh, no, a clue across the street from a hotel? I think I've heard that before. That's trouble right there. Chip also informs us that they've received $200 for the leg. And do you need any? I'm sure he'd be happy to give you some. All you'd have to do is ask.

Chip and Kim proceed out to a conveniently located row of taxis, and Chip asks how much to the airport. The guy initially quotes him $150 (not that bad for 100 miles, after all), but Chip ends up getting the ride for $100. In the cab, Chip introduces himself and Kim to the cabbie, and then Kim voices over that Chip's way of befriending strangers has been of great help to them over the course of the race. Chip voices over that "whatever you give out, it will come back to you." And he doesn't mean diseases, either, although it applies in both cases.

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