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4:37 AM. Andre and Damon. They tell us that they're enjoying being in the front of the pack, and they're going to continue following the Band of Brothers in an effort to stay there. You know, they don't seem dumb or anything, so I just don't understand why they assume that they aren't capable of figuring out the clues and getting from one place to another on their own. Following another team in figuring out one difficult clue was one thing, but adopting that as your long-term strategy does strike me as distasteful, I have to admit. We've pretty clearly moved beyond their original notion of staying with the pack when a single clue seemed impossible to figure out, and we're now bordering on a sort of involuntary alliance, which doesn't break any rules, but which I really just don't like.

4:44 AM. Derek and Drew. They count their money and take off. In a voice-over, they praise the value of their alliance as they head for their reunion with the Bald Snark. This is now the most functional alliance this show has ever had, given that the primary first-season alliance ended in a nightmarish fireball in the fourth leg, and the primary second-season alliance involved sex and betrayal and finger-quoting. And Wil.

As Gerard finally pulls a taxi over to get directions, Firecop comes along. Ken interviews that Firecop made it very clear they were going to continue to tail the alliance, so although they weren't very happy about it, BoB decided that it would be a waste of energy to try to lose them. This is exactly the right thing to do, it seems to me. Firecop isn't exactly looking like the strongest team in the race right now, so if you keep them in and increase the chances of knocking out somebody else, like FloZach or Jill and John Vito or whoever, you might actually help yourself. These three teams (BoB and Firecop) caravan toward Casablanca, apparently following a cab for at least the first part of the trip. The twins remark that they've given their maps to Ken and Gerard, so they're hoping that nothing goes wrong to break up the caravan. Sheesh. That does seem rather risky. If a couple of twins show up in your neighborhood this week in an SUV and wander from house to house saying that they're looking for a big guy with a beard and a little guy with a map, you'll know that things didn't work out. Ken says in an interview that he digs Derek and Drew, but he thinks Gerard is by far the superior map-reader. He also adds that it is becoming increasingly evident that Firecop can't read a map at all. "They don't know where they're going," he says flatly. Ouch.

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