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Gerard and Ken and FloZach seem to pull up at the pit stop at approximately the same time. "Come on, Zach!" Flo screams, even more screamily than usual. You know, she's not even carrying a pack here -- Zach has a big pack on his back and a small pack in his hand. Surely she's not screaming at him while he's carrying her pack. Surely she would not do that. A short footrace lands FloZach on the mat, ahead by just a little. Welcome, FloZach, you are team number two. They hug. I think she was slightly less of a trial this week than she sometimes is, so he's probably hugging her in gratitude. On the other hand, though, you can see even more clearly when they're on the mat that he is, in fact, carrying Flo's pack in addition to his own. Yeesh. Ken and Gerard arrive next. Welcome, Bald Snark, you are team number three. They look at each other, and although Kenny doesn't say "YAAAY!" like he usually does, he does yell, "THREEE!" in practically the same way, so it's all right. They hug, and he knocks Gerard's hat off.

Firecop, still driving. Uh oh. Their cab driver has delivered them to Middle Of Nowhere, Morocco. They gamely ask about the Riad Catalina, and are given a bum steer again, this time to a mosque, which they're told they can't go into anyway, because it's for Muslims only. Firecop is led hither and yon by this guy who keeps telling them that he knows where they're supposed to go, but they begin to realize that something is very, very wrong. Just as they're trying to get a taxi so they can get the hell out of there, a guy they refer to as a "local official" comes up. They are "officially detained." Dang.

Derek and Drew are incoherently yelling at their cabbie as they approach the pit stop (man, take a nap, y'all). Unsatisfied with the service, they hop out and decide to walk the rest of the way. Jill and John Vito do the same. Both teams wander down several long alleyways that lead to the Riad Catalina, and Derek and Drew are first to get there. Welcome, Derek and Drew, you are team number four. Welcome, John Vito and Jill, you are team number five.

Firecop is now in a taxi on the way to the pit stop. They explain that the "local official" took them to his office and asked them to surrender their passports. Quite correctly, they refused, so they had to wait for the TAR security staff to come and bail them out, which took some time. Now, they're driving for the pit stop. I still say it looks like it's earlier than it was when Aaron and Arianne were getting off the bike at the Detour, but I could be wrong.

Sidebar: There's been a lot of talk this week about whether Firecop should have gotten a time credit. Unfortunately, I think the answer is no. It's absolutely sucky when things like that happen, but the show has never attempted to save you from everything that "isn't your fault," nor could it possibly do so. Teams have been screwed by ill-timed requests that they produce filming permits, by dead batteries, by busloads of German tourists...and certainly, over and over and over again, by incompetent or corrupt cab drivers. Good grief, that was practically a theme of the first season's travels through India. The show will give you credits to save you from production delays -- things they caused -- probably to prevent accusations that there's any kind of favoritism or fixing in favor of this team or that team, but not to assure you that the race will be decided entirely on skill. The end of the first season, you could argue, was heavily influenced by hitting about two or three green lights rather than two or three red lights. So I totally feel for these guys, but I don't think you can give them the time back. If you start giving the time back for everything that's "not your fault," you'll have nothing but arguing forever.

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