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Weeping and whaling

Firecop and Derek and Drew are on their way to the café. Man, the editing is making the timing really hard to follow. I feel like we haven't seen these teams in years. As Firecop explains that they're in traveling with the twins, we see the twins in their cab. They're all scruffy, and haven't shaved, and...BAH! Sorry. Drifting off there just a little bit. At any rate, they also show Ken and Gerard on the way to the café here, and if I'm not mistaken, they have to be significantly behind at this point, so I think this is all cut together a little funny.

Oh, hey, look. It's Aahab. They're still in the race, too, and their train is just pulling into Marrakech. When they get a cab, Arianne explains that they're hoping to grab the FF before anybody else gets to it. Ha! Not.

JVJ finishes up the Detour, and as the editing has suggested they might, they run into Zach and Flo. Man, JVJ went for the FF and lost it, and they still caught up to these guys? Impressive. JVJ fills in FloZach that Asshat is out ahead with the FF, so they all know they need to hustle. I'm not sure where they think Aahab is. They head for the café.

Firecop is first to hit the café at 2:35, so they have about two hours and ten minutes to kill before they can get up to the roof. Derek and Drew and Ken and Gerard follow.

Aahab, meanwhile, arrives at the rug shop as part of their futile attempt at the FF. Led inside, they find a note giving them the bad news that the FF has already been taken. Bloody yet unbowed, they dash out of the shop and head for the Palmerie in the already-waning light. Aaron says, quite correctly, that their first plan failed, so they'll have to just go to the next one. Yep, it's official. They are only tolerable when they're losing, because it knocks the cocky right out of them. Arianne says she thinks that they're going to run into a bunch of racers when they get to the Palmerie. The editors try to up the suspense by showing you the bunching taking place at the café, but in fact the quality of the sunlight suggests that this café footage took place before they even got to the rug shop, and they still have to do the Detour before they can even go to the café. In other words, I think they were way past being saved by bunching by the time their hopeful never-say-die footage was shot. "We're really, really hoping," Aaron says. Ha! Not.

Commercials. You might as well do your Christmas shopping on, because otherwise, you're going to wind up having to spend the holidays with your children. Looking at toys. Eeeew!

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