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Weeping and whaling

The second train from Casablanca rumbles toward Marrakech, as a sleepy Flo grabs a couple of winks. On the train, Ian explains that he (he says "we," but from her expression, it was obviously "he") decided to go for the Fast Forward. He thinks that if they get it and then "run a clean race" from this point forward, having used up the FF won't hurt them, because he thinks that will put them in the top three at the end. Does the man not understand the bunching at all? Has he ever seen the show? Being ahead after the sixth leg and running a "clean race" isn't going to do it, unless you get extremely lucky and continually are able to extend the lead with departure times and other things that rely in part on luck. Most likely, you're going to have to re-earn your lead many times between then and the finish line. I'm not saying they won't make it, and it may indeed be smart to take the FF at this point, but not because it's going to stake you to such a large lead that you'll be entitled to six weeks of relative safety.

FloZach, Asshat, and JVJ disembark in Marrakech. "Quick pace, quick pace," snots Ian. He is undeterred, apparently, by the fact that he was the one who already declared that he was too tired to do the leg, and that's why they had to burn their Fast Forward. Oh, and furthermore, I'm amazed that she didn't think to tell him not to talk to her like that or she would "blow," considering that this is essentially exactly what she was doing when she said, "Let's go, let's go," back at the train station. Elsewhere, JVJ and FloZach discuss the fact that they've both decided to go for the FF. They stand there discussing it while Teri and Ian take off in their cab. Ian makes birdie wing-flapping motions in the cab, explaining that this is the part where they "fly." You know, the problem may be that I've been running my "Shut up, Ian" on a nine-volt battery. I think I need to hook it up directly to a power plant. ["Yeah, me too…if by 'a power plant' you actually mean 'the sun.'" -- Sars] Back at the station, Jill and Flo eventually decide they'll "shoot it out" for who gets to decide whether to go for the FF or not. Jill's scissors cut Flo's paper, and the girls giggle madly. I'm actually a big proponent of giggling madly, and this gets nice smiles out of both John Vito and Zach, so I thought that was kind of a cute moment, despite the fact that it involved Flo. This whole conversation makes only a marginal amount of sense to me, because I'm not sure whether the rock-paper-scissors was for getting to decide whether both teams would go for it, or whether it was for first dibs on going for it, or what. It doesn't completely hang together, but what winds up happening is that FloZach doesn't go for the FF, but JVJ does. Of course, JVJ is behind Asshat now, having stood around yapping with FloZach, but whatever.

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