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Colin and Christie? Oh, yeah. They're still the only team on the Singapore Airlines flight. Phil explains that they will stop off in Singapore on their way to an 11:35 arrival in Auckland. Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole then board their British Airways flight, scheduled to get into Auckland at 11:55. They'll be stopping off in Sydney on the way. The Twinkies, meanwhile, are still trying to get an earlier flight than the one they have on Qantas, which would have them way behind. The ticket agent agrees to check. Tension mounts. The Twinkies note that they need to hurry up and do it if they're going to get on with Baby/Booby. "I totally hate...I hate airports," a miserable Twinkie says as she sits on the floor. Well, she picked the right show, then, didn't she? It's like going on Survivor and being all, "Man, I hate rice." Baby/Booby on board. The Twinkies massaging their own heads.

Commercials. Who annoys me more than Lenny Kravitz? Sarah Jessica Parker, so...this is perfect.

In Bangkok, the Twinkies continue to sweat their travel arrangements, while the two teams already on the New Zealand Airlines flight hang out and wait to leave. Abruptly, the gate agent helping the Twinkies announces that there are seats available, and she hands them tickets. They run through the airport to catch the flight. On the plane, Kim voices over that they were certainly hoping that Kami and Karli wouldn't get on the flight with them. She claims that she and Chip "need the extra buffer because the twins are just too doggone fast." "Doggone" certainly does seem to be the Chip and Kim Word of the Day. And you know, the girls may be fast, but it doesn't really help if you're frequently hurling yourselves in entirely the wrong direction. In this case, however, KamiKarli and KarliKami speed through the airport, manage to avoid any mistaken diversions into the baggage retrieval office, and at the last minute, they weasel their way onto the plane. One of them notes that they don't think they're in last place now, because the Moms would appear to be behind them. "This is going to keep us in the game," a Twinkie offers. The flight takes off, and Phil reminds you that three teams are traveling from Bangkok to Sydney together. Baby/Booby then are on the same flight from there to Auckland, but the Twinkies will switch to Qantas in Sydney and take a flight scheduled to land in Auckland 20 minutes later. Got all that? See, in theory, the Twinkies will land in Auckland at almost exactly the same time as the Moms.

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