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In the British Airways office, Linda and Karen are working on tickets to New Zealand. Meanwhile, Kami is on the phone to what is probably Singapore Airlines, where she is put on hold and probably forced to listen to the canned synthesizer strings version of "Chariots of Fire." Linda, on the other hand, gets tickets to Auckland connecting from Bangkok through Kuala Lumpur. They take that flight, and as they head out, Linda tells the camera that they seem to be the only team taking that flight, and this seems to make her happy. Happy to be unique, I guess, since she doesn't seem to have any reason to think her flight is particularly good. In fact, their flight arrives at 12:20, so they're scheduled to come in about a half-hour after Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole. (I have to wonder whether Brandon and Nicole considered and declined the Kuala Lumpur option in favor of the one they took, and if that's the confusion that led Brandon to think that their flight was landing in New Zealand at "12:20, baby.") "Anything could happen," Linda observes. She looks to me like she's lost quite a chunk of weight, incidentally. It's not surprising, but it's the first time I've noticed it.

The Twinkies, the very team to which anything does seem to happen, are now trying some number that's "just ringing and ringing." It's probably a pancake restaurant or something. It's really easy to transpose your sixes and your nines. Kami tells Karli to get off the phone, because they need to go and make their flight to Bangkok. As they head for the plane, one of them voices over that they "need better tickets," and will continue trying to improve their lot in Bangkok.

All the teams get on the same flight from Calcutta to Bangkok. The Amazing Yellow Line helps out. "It's really barely worth dragging me out of the graphics department when there isn't even a connection," it mutters under its breath. In the Bangkok airport, Linda and Karen observe that they have a flight scheduled that gets to Auckland at 12:20. As we see them snooze on a plane, Phil explains that they will have a two-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur. The Twinkies head for Singapore Airlines to try to get on that flight that Colin and Christie have nailed down. At the counter, Kami tells the ticket agent that she has a reservation, and then she notes quietly to Karli that she just lied. When the ticket agent tells Kami that she has nothing and the flights are all booked, the lovely Kami becomes quite nasty. At least her acting skills are up to par, because her impersonation of a rude, demanding asshole who actually had a reservation that the airline was not honoring is dead-on. "I have reservations," she snaps. "I called and I confirmed!" The woman tells her that she's checked by the name, and there's no reservation. I have a feeling that this may not be the first time that an experienced airline ticket agent has heard that tricky maneuver. She says that without any paper or printout to show that they have the booking, and with no record in the system, they simply don't have it. "I don't understand why this is so hard," Kami says icily, as if the woman she's dealing with is a total idiot, rather than the other way around. "You don't have the booking with us. That's all," the woman tells Kami. In other news, the back of Kami's shirt says "Pete." I remarked at one point that it would be awesome if the back of Karli's shirt said "Repeat," but somebody else in the room pointed out that that would actually be witty, and was therefore highly unlikely.

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