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Back at the hotel, Brandon and Nicole are still skulking around, trying to get money. Brandon, contrary to what I like to see, is explaining all about how he's on this race, and what the rules are, and he's saying that they have all kinds of things they have to pay for, and they have no money. Nicole teases that they have to get by on Brandon's "good looks," which seems to provoke a little bit of an odd expression. ["The fact that The Amazing Foley Artists didn't pipe in the sound of crickets chirping right there shows more restraint than I would have." -- Sars] The guys generously produce some money. "One for you, and one for you," they say. It's always hard to tell whether that's "I feel for you, brother" money or "go away" money, but hey, taxi drivers take either one. Brandon calls this money "a great start."

Colin and Christie and Chip and Kim pull up to the travel agency. They go inside, and Colin, out in front of the group as usual, asks about tickets to Auckland. The travel agent says that they'll have to connect through Bangkok. (Tragically, this will apparently be this year's only visit to Thailand, which is kind of sad. I love it when they go to Thailand.) There is an Indian Airlines flight that arrives in Bangkok at 1:25 PM, so that sounds promising. There is then a Singapore Airlines flight from Bangkok to Auckland that arrives in Auckland at 11:35 AM (the yellow letters say PM, but it will turn out later to be AM), but there are no seats on that flight. The teams decide to book as far as Bangkok and then head to the airport and work on the Bangkok-Auckland part of the trip there. (Remember, you can book international flights at the airport, just not ones out of India.) You know, Colin's feathered hair is really freaking me out. It's so silky and fine that it reminds me of a baby shampoo commercial, but then he's got that horrific cut that I think he does with a Flowbee while lifting weights. It seems like the kind of multitasking he would go in for. They all leave the travel agency and pile in their cabs to the airport in Calcutta. In his cab, Chip talks about trying to get on the Singapore Air flight "somehow, some way." (Marshall Crenshaw: "Catchy, but needs a small tweak.")

At 3:25 AM, it's time for the Moms to happily chirp about going to New Zealand. I have a feeling everyone has seen about all of India that they care to. After, you know, a day. Linda announces in an interview that their goal for this leg is to be in the top three. She talks about how hard it is to keep climbing up from the bottom of the pack. And who can argue with that, really?

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