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Barbarians at Hell's Gate

Brandon and Nicole get to the museum and the Yield box. They're not Yielding anyone either. Brandon voices over that they might use it "down the road," but not now. After they get the clue, they discuss the Detour in their SUV. Nicole sounds like she's leaning toward the whitewater, but Brandon tells her it will be "intimidating." He voices over that it might be a bit of his "protective father" showing, but he was concerned about doing the whitewater with "all the rocks and...Nikki banging her head." I would think she's old enough to make that call on her own, but hey, if her boyfriend wants to be her father, I guess that's...never mind, it's actually kind of disturbing. "Baby" shouldn't be literal. "What do you think? Are we just going to agree to do the mud?" he asks. "Yeah, that's fine," she says, slightly disappointed but not displeased.

Linda and Karen find the museum, and they step up to the Yield box. "We choose not to Yield at this time," Karen says. Linda snorts, "Yeah, 'cause we're last." Ass! You! Me! Remember the old saying? Sigh. They read the Detour clue and choose the Clean option. As they run to their car, we learn -- though they do not -- that they are "Currently in 3rd Place." As they drive, Linda unsurprisingly whines about the choice, saying she hopes they're not making a mistake. Karen tries to get her to stop being defeatist, saying, "I can tell in your voice you don't think we can do it." Linda's like, "I've never heard of sledging, have you?" "No," Karen acknowledges. "Then how do you know you can do it?" Linda asks. "I can do it," Karen says. "Okay, that's all I wanted to hear," Linda says. Oh, hee, reverse psychology! Actually, that was rather clever if it really went off as planned. It's hard to tell. If that wasn't the seat of her pants by which she was flying, it was a pretty neat trick.

As the Twinkies drive, they say that they expect to see the Yield box before the next clue, and they anticipate that Chip and Kim may be just ahead of them and may Yield them. In fact, the Twinkies are following Chip and Kim to the museum, as it turns out. In the SUV, Chip wonders whether this might be a good time to use the Yield, now that he thinks of it, since he knows he's just ahead of the Twinkies.

Elsewhere, Colin and Christie are arriving at Okere Falls for the Clean Detour option. They're all happy and cool about doing the sledging, because woooooooo! They get suited up and helmeted, and woooooooo!, and then they grab their sledges and leap into the water, and woooooooo!

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