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Knight Of The Sausages

The BQs are in Skala, and they're being followed by Team Guido. Meanwhile, Eric and Pink's driver is done leading them, and is going to make them go the rest of the way on their own, although he shows them the way on a map. They pay him off; he leaves. In Mirna and Charla's car, Mirna is complaining about the lack of signs and other people. Their driver stops. "Give me the clue," Mirna says, reaching her hand back between the seats. Charla has to dig for it a minute. As she produces it, Mirna snots, "I'm doing everything. Can you at least hold on to the clue?" Mirna confers with their driver, and then he gets back in the leading car. Mirna goes right back to yelling at Charla. "What are you doing in the back seat? You're not looking at the map, you're not holding the clue. What are you doing, Charla? What are you doing?" Charla has clearly seen Mirna in this mode before, so she pays little attention, but just offers no reaction, just bland agreement. "I'm doing nothing," Charla says indulgently. "Am I supposed to do everything?" Mirna complains. "No," Charla answers. "You're just supposed to yell at me." You know, I think Charla only doesn't like Mirna because Charla is prejudiced against little people like Charla. I'm sure that's it. Mirna decides to start in on a full assault about how she does all the driving and "all the Roadblocks." "You're doing everything, you're right, you're doing everything," Charla repeats, bored. She does know how to play the game, though. "Just hold the clue and please don't lose the clue," Mirna orders. "Can you yell a little more on me? Is it not enough?" Charla asks. And even though her sentence structure fell apart a little there, what she's saying is music to my ears.

The BQs are pretty sure they're on the right track. Team Guido, too. The first of these teams to arrive at the clue box is the BQs. "Who wants to be a knight in shining armor?" the clue asks. Because indeed, it is a Roadblock. Phil explains that in this Roadblock, one person will become a medieval knight by putting on a suit of armor and leading a horse a half a mile to a castle. There, they'll hand off their horse to a stable boy, enter the courtyard, and find the pit stop. I have to admit, any Roadblock with "stable boy" in it sounds pretty dirty to me. It's like having a Detour with "cable guy" in it. It just screams for a saxophone on the soundtrack. Dustin takes the Roadblock for the BQs. "I thought my heels at home were pointy," she remarks.

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