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Knight Of The Sausages

Eating ensues. People begin to look a little ill. And then they look a little more ill. Stomachs are clenched. Joe is the first to finish. Kandice then finishes, and she wants the plate taken away as soon as possible. More eating. More eating. Dustin finishes, and she has her plate taken away as well. For a minute, she looks relieved, and then... she turns and tosses two feet of sausage into the bucket next to her. And then, with divine, perfect timing, Eric hauls out his cheerful announcer voice and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, Miss California!" Definitely Eric's greatest moment ever. This gets a big laugh from everyone, and a very good-sported acknowledging wave of the hand from Dustin.

So now, Dustin and Kandice are waiting on Charla and Mirna. Mirna finishes, and they're all waiting on Charla. Charla decides to try to make herself throw up by shoving a knife down her throat. Kandice recoils in comic horror. Just another one of those Charla-based "don't see that every day" moments. Charla makes very loud gagging noises, but it doesn't appear that she actually has any luck emptying her belly. Pink covers her ears, because the gagging will totally make her gag, and she knows it. Bill, too, covers his ears and hums. Hee hee. Finally, Charla tosses up some stuff. "Thank God," she says, with... on her lips, there's... okay, now I'm going to put my fingers in my ears and hum. Bill finishes, so now he and Joe are waiting on Eric and Pink while Dustin and Kandice and Mirna wait on Charla. Don't you wish that Intersection had gone differently? I know I do. In the end, Eric and Pink and Joe and Bill get to leave slightly ahead, reading a clue that releases the teams from their bond and sends them to a nearby parking lot, where they can pick a car and drive themselves to Skala. Eric and Pink go outside and start talking to their taxi driver about taking them.

Inside, Charla is finally done, so the Ladies' Foursome is on its way. As they're heading out, Eric finally notices that they're supposed to drive themselves, so they've basically lost the advantage they had over Charla and Mirna and the BQs, who are heading straight for the parking lot the way they're supposed to. As usual, the BQs line up a taxi to lead them. Mirna is busy complaining that she's going to throw up and she has to drive. "I'm going to die, I feel like," Charla says. As Bill and Joe reach the parked cars, they hear a terrible noise, and one of them remarks, "That must be Mirna trying to start a car." Ha! Because... it is. Mirna is getting all flustered and upset, because the brake is set in her car, and she can't figure out how to release it. Team Guido and Eric and Pink take off, and Mirna begins to freak out over her inability to get the brake released. She jumps out of the car and yells, "Mr. Taxicab, come!" The driver comes over and takes the brake off for her. As Mirna finally leaves, Charla urges her to go slowly, but Mirna stalls the car. Which, of course, she takes out on Charla, ordering Charla not to "tell [her] how to drive anymore."

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