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Previously on Kuwait, Kuwait, Don't Tell Me: Everyone headed to Kuwait City, where a climbing Detour freaked some people right out. Dave and Mary needed a first-place finish to avoid a penalty left over from the previous week's non-elimination, and after the *wins psyched out the BQs to keep them from going for the Fast Forward and sacrificed the chance to go for it themselves, Dave and Mary danced into the fire, Duran Duran-style, and they retrieved the FF and skated into first place. Karlyn decided that locals she asked for directions were not allowed to give directions to anyone else, and that it was acceptable for her to both push the local and push the BQs to keep any information exchange from happening, even after she had what she needed. Peter and Sarah did this season's Lost In The Desert Tango, and they were finally eliminated, at which point she made it quite clear that whatever notion she had ever had that they might be "dating," she was prepared to part with, lest she get stuck having to talk to this guy, like, forever. Now, who will be eliminated... next?

Credits. I have a particular thought that pops into my head every time I see the shot of Sarah riding her bike, and I cannot help it, and I am not going to tell you what it is, because I feel like a bad person. It involves... never mind. Don't judge me! It's involuntary! [BOMP.]

Commercials. I seriously cannot believe how successful Jericho is. I saw that pilot and thought it was the most accidentally funny thing since Gladiator. Which, come to think of it, was Best Picture, so what do I know? At least I was right about Twenty Good Years.

We return to Kuwait, where the Kuwait Towers have been vandalized via Photoshop to contain a highly suspicious glint. A clock says it is almost noon. As we look at beaches and camel, Phil says that this is Kuwait, bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq. "On the outskirts" of Kuwait City, the outskirts being where the filming is simpler and most of the pit stops are therefore located, we find ourselves at the water towers that were the pit stop for the last leg. Phil is very simply attired in a button-down and jeans, and he therefore looks much hotter than when he wears the weird sweaters, badly fit pants, and other disasters. But not as hot as when he's in a parka. I love Phil in arctic weather. You know, I feel like I need some kind of Phil-mometer where I can show how hot Phil is this week without having to resort to these comparisons to days past. Anyway, Phil speaks of the mandatory rest period, and then he wonders whether the alliance between the *lyns, *wins, and Dave and Mary (Most Awkwardly Named Alliance Ever -- couldn't Dave and Mary be Finns?) will last.

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