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Auckland and Uncomfortable

Terence finds a match. His warrior shakes his hand as he hands over the clue, and presses his nose against Terence's. This would be the hongi, according to Palin. "It's an awfully good use for noses, I think," he writes. Sarah totally disrespects the hongi, shouting, "Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him!" As for me, I'm just disappointed that these guys aren't armed so they could do something about Terence's hair. The blade of a maripi waved closely over his head would work wonders for his appearance. But onto their next clue, which is sending them to the City Life Hotel in downtown Auckland, to find the clue box waiting on the rooftop. As Terence and Sarah get back in their Mercedes, he's saying, "That was the craziest thing I've ever done!"

As if to mock him for his low standards of craziness, the Amazing Editors take us straight to the Sky Tower, where Ken and Tina are just emerging from the rooftop hatch to the base of the service ladder. It's nearly full daylight for them, either because this is happening later in the morning or because the sun simply rises earlier when you're a mile and a half in the air. They look up the imposing height of the narrow spire they have yet to climb. Tina marvels at the powerful wind at this altitude and wonders, "How much further do we have to go?" "To the red dot at the top," the guide answers, pointing above them to the blinking red beacon that prevents the tower from being hit by AIRPLANES. Tina does some deep breathing. I'm sure the wind is helpful with that.

It's still morning twilight as Kelly and Christy give up on finding a car route up to the peak of Mount Eden and decide to proceed on foot. Genius move, that. Meanwhile, Toni and Dallas are driving in through the gate, and the Siblings are agreeing on how much they'd like to catch up to Team Divorced. "I'd like to see that happen," Nick says. We get a shot of Team Divorced hiking up a steep dirt path, as though to say anything's possible.

At the clue box, the sun is properly up as Dallas nominates his mom to take the Road Block on the basis of the clue: "Who's got an eye for detail?" The sun is fully up as she makes her way through the ranks. Dallas interviews, "When I saw my mom down with those Maori warriors, the only thing I was hoping was please do not eat my mom." She gets it on the first try, and tells her warrior, "You're beautiful!" And they're on their way. "Those warriors were very, very cool." Toni says from the back seat of their car. Obviously, they did not eat her. I'm pretty sure cannibalism hasn't been practiced in this part of Auckland for months.

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