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Auckland and Uncomfortable

Ken|Tina and the Frat Boys race to their cars (past Terence and Sarah, who are still unraveling), both hoping to score the Fast Forward. Tina reminds us that she doesn't like heights, but she's up for this (so to speak). Terence and Sarah finish and head off to Mount Eden, Sarah wisely shooting down Terence's Fast Forward idea. Kelly and Christy pass them as they arrive at the marina. Meanwhile, on the road, Ken is successfully trying to prevent Andrew from passing him, while Dan unsuccessfully is encouraging Andrew to attempt just that. Kelly and Christy finish unraveling their knot, and skip the FF as well. Toni and Dallas arrive, and he confidently strides right to a knot as though he was the one who put it there. "Good job, Dally," Toni tells him. Dally? Team Long Distance, the Siblings, and the Belles are still en route to the marina. Toni and Dallas nix the Fast Forward, and they head out, straight into some bright headlights. "This person's on the wrong side of the road," Dallas says, nearly blinded. "Are you sure you're on the right side?" Toni asks him. Dallas is. So of course it's another team they're about to collide with. This time it's Starr, who manages to avoid a crash. For now. She and Nick quickly find their knot.

Ken|Tina and Andrew|Dan are negotiating the public parking at Sky City, which houses the Sky Tower. Ken and Tina get to the board with the numbers first, and are told by their hosts that they need to change into jumpsuits. I'm sure "jump" is the last thing Tina wants to hear right now. And Andrew and Dan, on their way to the elevator, spot the Amazing Placard in Ken and Tina's back windshield and realize they have to go back. Do these guys know how to blow a lead or what?

Terence and Sarah have arrived at Mount Eden, where a gatekeeper swings open a gate across the road to allow them to pass. "Just so you know, I see no other cars," Sarah says, looking behind them. Normally, with Terence and Sarah, this would be grounds for panic, but they somehow keep their cool. Ty and Aja have arrived at the marina, and Nick and Starr have unraveled their clue. That leaves Team Long Distance to begin scouring the docks for one of the two remaining knots.

Ken and Tina are getting geared up for their ascent, in orange jumpsuits and full harnesses. And helmets, of course, which will be just the thing to prevent an ouchie-moment should they somehow fall off the ladder and hit the pavement head-first at mach three. Ken is encouraging Tina, who is quite nervous without being an asshole about it. Back at the marina, Aja and Ty have found their knot, and he goes to work while she holds the flashlight for him. Time is clearly passing, because there's a smear of navy blue appearing in the eastern sky. I know, I didn't think anything was east of Auckland either. Except maybe Marisa and Brooke, who are still lost. Terence and Sarah, meanwhile, have already found the clue box standing atop Mount Eden. And it's a Road Block. Terence vs. the volcano? Really, the worst that could happen to him is some severe grass stains.

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