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Auckland and Uncomfortable

As the sun comes up, the fact that everyone is on the same flight is good news for the laggards and a frustration to the leaders, as always. Odd how you never see anyone saying, "That lead we started out with was really starting to frustrate me anyway."

This flight is so long the single Amazing Yellow Line traverses not an animated map but an animated globe, in what looks like a trip a third of the way around the planet. That Pacific's a big sucker, ain't it? At the Auckland airport, Terrence and Sarah emerge into the night in first place, followed by Dan|Andrew and Ken|Tina. All three teams quickly find marked Mercedeseseses and head off in search of Gulf Harbor. There's something a little off about these in-car scenes, and it takes me a minute to figure it out: it's that the steering wheels are on the right side of the cars, so the drivers are shot from a different angle. So exotic.

Nick|Starr and Team Divorced run out of the terminal at about the same time, but Kelly and Christy are the ones who get on the road first. The Siblings pretend not to care. I am not convinced. Aja and Ty are off in sixth place, she reminding him to stay on the left side of the road. Toni and Dallas are out in seventh, and the Belles are right behind them in their accustomed last-place spot. In the lead car, Terence is having one of his needy moments, so Sarah fondles him from the back seat. Alas, she does not mess up his hair. Ken passes Andrew, putting the Frats in third. "We're ready for anything," Tina says, looking rather scary due to the low-angle lighting and a general kind of Elsa Lanchester vibe she's putting off right now. Kelly and Christy hang on to their fourth-place ranking, but Nick and Starr are lost and have to stop for directions to the motorway. Meanwhile, Ty takes advantage of Dallas briefly driving on the wrong side of the road and steals their spot. And while getting directions, the Siblings have dropped to seventh place. Fortunately for them, Marisa and Brooke have also stopped for directions, and thus remain in last place. A helpful gas-station employee sends them on their way with a confident, "You can't get lost." Well, the Belles certainly aren't about to shrink from a challenge like that.

Terence and Sarah are still in the lead, but when Sarah wants to go one way and Terence wants to go the other, you know that's about to change because Terence is driving and they're going his way. When Ken|Tina and the Frat Boys both go a different way, Terence to his credit quickly realizes his mistake and asks Sarah, "What do you want me to do?" "Make a u-turn," Sarah instructs calmly, refraining from adding, "ass."

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