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Auckland and Uncomfortable

In the terminal, Sarah uses some Spanish to borrow a guy's laptop so they can search for flights. Not something we would have seen in the first season, I'm thinking. That's also true of the compact, superbright LED headlamps half the teams are sporting. Remember when we used to mock teams who wore headlamps? Now I couldn't imagine attempting the race without one. Yes, you can take me away from my job, home, and four-year-old son for a month, make me live out of a backpack, wake me up for the day at 11:30 at night, drop me in one unfamiliar culture after another, and force me to change clothes in airplane bathrooms, but don't make me do it without a headlamp.

Team Long Distance, Toni|Dallas, the Siblings, and the Belles all seem to be arriving at the airport about the same time, and they all get in line for an Internet terminal. "Everybody's here," Ken mildly informs Tina. She looks at the crowd of backpackers that has quietly coalesced behind her and mutters, "Oh, crap." The Frat Boys arrive, and Dan also goes the borrowed-laptop route, which just about blows Andrew away. You know that never would have occurred to him. The next thing you know, Marisa and Brooke are looking over Dan's shoulder, writing stuff down. The Frat Boys interview that the team they have bonded with the most is the Belles. We don't hear the Belles back them up on that, of course, which makes me wonder if the full extent of their "bonding" was being twelve rows apart on a flight that was showing Knocked Up as the in-flight movie. Dan claims that it's also to their advantage to keep a weaker team around, which is pretty bold of him considering that "weaker team" blew his and Andrew's doors off in the last Detour. "It doesn't hurt that they're cute, either," Dan finally admits. Yeah, I thought so.

Team Divorced arrives, and makes no secret of looking over everyone's shoulder at their monitors. What's worse is they make no secret of their smugness over it, either. "They did our dirty work for us," Christy gloats. That would be legwork, but whatever. A consensus is forming among all the racers that the 3:55 a.m. flight is the fastest anyone can get to Auckland. But Aja wants to pull Ty away so they can wait in line and do their own thing. "I can't do our own thing when you fight me on everything," he snaps at her, rather unnecessarily. Especially given that they're surrounded by several other teams in a space that's roughly the size of an airplane bathroom. Ty solo-interviews that Aja gets frustrated easily, which leads to mood swings. As they leave the internet café, he sarcastically starts calling her "leader" and "Fidel Castro," which is rather rude. When we next see them, they're sitting in a row of chairs with two seats between them, still fighting as Ty accuses her of trying to run a dictatorship and getting attitude when things don't go her way. As opposed to Ty, who is being a total gentleman about everything. Aja gives a solo interview in which she admits as much, which I'm sad to see. Don't back down! I am enjoying the number of solo interviews in this episode, as the race reaches the point where team members start seriously getting on one another's nerves as opposed to just mine. Back in the airport, Aja decides to call a truce, which she does by ordering Ty to give her a hug. The irony does not escape Ty, even as she flops on top of him in his seat.

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