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Auckland and Uncomfortable

The sky is growing dark as the Belles finally climb into their kiwi bin. But Aja and Ty have suffered a setback: "The knot in your sheet rope is in an incorrect position," a Blokart guide informs them, sounding like an instructor at the yacht club. The editors cut back and forth between the two remaining teams, as their frustration grows as quickly as the darkness. They seem to finish their tasks at about the same time, when it's fully dark outside. They read their clues, jump into their cars, and start driving through the night. Aja says, "I'm not going to reflect on how we could possibly be the last team so I'm going to think about things that are positive." A less philosophical mood prevails in the Belles' car: "Hurry hurry hurry hurry!"

Poor Phil and his poor dad are still standing out among the sheep, waiting for the laggards. A low-angle POV shot scatters the sheep in front of the camera as it rushes toward the mat, and it's...Ty and Aja, looking exhausted. Learning they're still in the race doesn't energize them as much as you might think. "Praise God," Aja says, pointing a finger heavenward. Eventually she summons the juice to jump into Ty's arms. Try not to have any more blowouts, you two. Of either variety.

Late-arriving Marisa and Brooke are near tears as Mr. Keoghan gently says, "Hi, I'm Phil's dad. Welcome to New Zealand. I'd take you for a pint, but the pubs are all closed by now." Except for the last part. Phil tells them they're last, and they're out. They struggle through their farewell speech about being "just two girls from South Carolina trying to get around the world." They're glad they made it this far. Phil's dad says, "Phil, I think these two girls deserve a big hug, don't you?" Phil asks his dad if he's offering, and Keoghan, Sr. puts his arms around both of them while Phil spreads his hands in a "WTF?" gesture behind him. Their final interview is about as interesting as you'd expect, as Marisa says, "Brooke and I will be best friends forever." Aww, BFF. Plus they got to find out that they do like blondes in New Zealand! Or at least Phil's dad does.

Next week: Kelly and Christy threaten to make us sympathize with their ex-husbands.

M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, or just e-mail him at M.Giant[at]

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