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But after the ads, a couple of guys set her and her Blokart aright and she insists on finishing, sniffling the whole way around the track. Which tells me that her arm probably isn't actually broken. I don't doubt that she's in severe pain, but I don't see how you can drive those Blokarts with one arm. Oh, who am I kidding, I don't understand how you'd drive them with two, unless you're pulling it behind a car. While this is going on, Toni and Dallas arrive at the mat in fourth place. The Siblings finish racing, but Starr isn't done crying. And the Frat Boys are struggling to attach their sails in the suddenly high wind, Andrew snapping at Dan to hold onto it. The Siblings get in their car, Nick confirming that Starr can still bend her injured arm. She can, but she drives with her scraped-up left hand limp in her lap. That's right -- she drives. And Andrew and Dan are finally on their way around the track.

But there are still two teams behind the Frat Boys. "We're gonna be here all night," Ty tells Aja. Belles? Still on their way to the kiwi orchard. In Nick and Starr's car, he offers to take over the driving, and they switch places so she can fully concentrate on her crying in the back seat. And Aja and Ty give up on the kiwis and dash back to their car in the lengthening shadows. "I don't think I've ever felt this discouraged in my whole life," she says. You know, this episode has to be great publicity for Blokart Heaven. I can see the ads now: "Four out of seven teams on the Amazing Race got frustrated enough with their other option to try us as a second choice! Also, we're pretty sure Starr's arm didn't get broken."

And the Frat Boys are finally on their way to the Pit Stop. From the back, Dan tells Andrew, "You pulled a lot of tough duty today." Andrew impatiently lies, "I don't care...I'm not mad or anything." And in a solo interview, Andrew tells us that this was a turning point for him and Dan. "I don't plan on him running his mouth as much any more." Andrew says confidently. I think he's underestimating Dan.

Nick and Starr arrive at the mat and have a muted fifth-place celebration. Phil notices her sore arm, and she admits that it hurts but they're still there. And Aja and Ty arrive at the track and get to work assembling their Blokarts. Too bad they don't have time to enjoy the sunset that's happening.

The Frat Boys learn that they're team number six. Andrew falls flat on his back in astonishment while Dan whoops that he didn't think they even think they were in seventh place. Amazed that they're still in the race, Dan ecstatically hugs Phil's dad. "I love you, man! You're my dad too!" Then Dan realizes something kind of sad: "That's our best finish!" Not that he's sad about it. I mean, it is their best finish if you count from the front, but if you count from the back, they're holding pretty steady. I guess if they can continue to finish third-from-last consistently, they'll eventually be demi-millionaires. But I'm not too worried about that happening.

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