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Auckland and Uncomfortable

Aja and Ty have finally reached the clue box for the Detour and opt for the Kiwis. For now. At the Blokarts, Nick and Starr are finishing their construction, while Andrew appears to be constructing both Blokarts alone. In the background, Dan paces and frets about how useless he is here. "Give me sports trivia! I'll beat everybody." Thanks, Dan for applying another level of That Guy to yourself. While still working, Andrew quietly says to the camera, "Dan means a lot to me...I'm not gonna just put him down for not being able to do this. I'm gonna help him." Okay, but dude, you've earned the right to not be so quiet about it. I never thought I'd say this, but Free Andrew!

While strapping on their helmets, Nick and Starr are receiving some last-minute instructions: "Make sure you don't put your hands out, okay?" Which tells me that one of them is about to put their hands out. There are certain invariables about this show: Phil, Pit Stops, Detours, Road Blocks, and the fact that every time we see a live guide giving a racer specific instructions, it means those instructions are about to be flagrantly disobeyed. They start sailing around the track, and Starr quickly tips over. And what do you think she did to try to catch herself?

Aja and Ty are arriving at the kiwi bins, and as they walk past them, Ty starts counting the number of juice containers to determine how many teams have been there. "That's not important right now!" Aja yells at him, rather unnecessarily. They climb in, get to work, and watch for their first drop of juice to appear.

The sun's getting low in the sky as Marisa and Brooke arrive at last at Kiwi 360ยบ and choose "Matter of Time" instead of "Matter of Skill" on the theory -- get this -- that it will be the quickest. Why not just say, "We have no skill"? And Kelly and Christy arrive at the Pit Stop, and are team number three. Hope the Siblings enjoyed their brief lead.

Meanwhile, back at Blokart Heaven, Dan is trying to make himself useful by loudly figuring stuff out, until Andrew shushes him. The Siblings have finished their first lap, and Starr crashes again. And puts her hand out again. I think she actually ran over it with one of her back wheels this time. "Did someone just crash?" Andrew wonders, barely looking up. Indeed, Nick calls out to Starr, "Are you all right?" as he cruises past. She is not. "I think I broke my arm," she sobs. Well, that sounds like the end of the race for her. Tough break. If you'll pardon the expression.

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