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Auckland and Uncomfortable

Toni and Dallas arrive at the Blokart track and get to work opening the large duffels that contain their kits. If you're having trouble picturing what these kits might look like, imagine bringing home a flat box from Ikea and opening it to find the pieces for half of a small sailboat and half of a shopping cart, and then having to put them together. "Oh, this is going to be fun," Toni says dryly.

While stomping kiwis with Andrew, Dan has some questions, and he's not quiet about them. "Why do there have to be rocks at the bottom? Why did I wear pants today?" Why are you still talking? Meanwhile, Team Divorced is arriving, and the Siblings decide to bail on the kiwis entirely. The Frat Boys aren't far behind them, and as Dan jogs back to the car, we get a nice view of his green-spattered khakis. He's going to get into a brand-new Mercedes looking like that? He looks like he just waded across the set of The Exorcist. In the parking lot, Kelly and Christy arrive, and Nick points them in the right direction. Starr asks him why he's being so helpful to their archrivals, and he says that he wants them to get cut up in the kiwi bins. Unfortunately for them, the divorcees love the "exfoliating" feeling and the fact that the kiwis serve as "tension-relieving balls." Now I know the real reason the show started 45 minutes late: you can't say "tension-relieving balls" during the family hour.

Nick and Starr arrive at the Blokarts, where Dallas and Toni are busy erecting their sails. Both teams agree that kiwi-stomping sucks. The divorcees? Not so much; they're still at it, and actively enjoying themselves. Toni and Dallas climb onto their Blokarts and start sailing them. It looks pretty tricky, since they have to operate both a steering yoke and some kind of pull cable that must be attached to the sail. "Dammit, I can't control it!" Toni wails on her first lap while Dallas cruises on ahead. The Frat Boys arrive at the track and run past Nick and Starr, who are still assembling while Toni and Dallas complete their second lap. "I'm mechanically challenged," Dan complains upon seeing the intimidating array of hardware facing him. Looks like this one's up to Andrew. The Siblings are amazed that the divorcees haven't given up on the kiwis and shown up here. In fact, they have finished. They drink their fresh green pedi-sludge and are off to the Pit Stop. So are Toni and Dallas, having finished their third lap in the Blokarts. The Frat Boys are very unhappy to see them go.

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