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Auckland and Uncomfortable

Starr gets a match, and her hongi gets edited out so we can instead watch her impatient pee-pee-dance as she chatters, "quick quick quick!" at her warrior before running off with their clue. Ty and Aja arrive, and she's taking it. Belles? Still lost. Andrew and Dan find their bench gnome. And Nick and Starr have already arrived at the rooftop, where Kelly and Christy are still searching for their gnome. To the divorcees' chagrin, Nick finds a gnome kayaking in a wading pool in a park, and he and Starr are out of there.

At Mount Eden, Aja boldly lifts the policeman's cap that one of the warriors is wearing so that she can verify that she has a match. So that's one more Road Block behind them. In the car on the way to City Life Hotel, Ty tells us what a good job she did at staying calm. And Ken and Tina board their chopper to the Pit Stop, enjoying the aerial view as Ken interviews that their relationship is getting better all the time. Dude, there's even a rainbow for them to look at. I admit that I'm starting to pull for these two, if only because doing well seems to help them get along better. But a rainbow is a little over the top. Dial it down a little if you would, God.

"Whose got an eye for detail?" The Belles read, and they agree that Brooke is taking this Road Block. Of course, to do that, she has to get a tattoo card, and the scary warrior behind the box that's holding them is actually keeping her from getting it. I mean, he's not about to use that spear on her or anything, but every time she reaches for the box he lunges forward and screams at her, making her snatch her hand back with a girly squeal. Which is hilarious.

Nick and Starr retrieve their gnome while Team Divorced is still searching. Nick and his gnome gloat in the back seat of their car while Starr drives to Kiwi 360ยบ. Finally, up on the roof, Christy has spotted a gnome, dangling by a rope from "a tree in the park that we looked at four thousand times." Wait just a minute -- whose New Zealand wish list includes lynching?

Brooke gets her match, and a hug and kiss from her warrior. "We're definitely still in the game," one of them says as they drive to the City Life Hotel. Which tells me they were probably half-expecting Phil to come and find them at any moment.

Ty and Aja have commenced their gnome spotting, as Kelly and Christy secure theirs. And Team Long Distance spots their gnome dangling from a little faux hot-air balloon on the roof of a skyscraper a couple of blocks away.

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