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Auckland and Uncomfortable

Once they're safely inside the Sky Tower again, Ken and Tina get their clue: "Take a helicopter ride to the next Pit Stop." Nice -- it'll be hard for them to get lost that way. Phil tells us they get to head straight to Summerhill, a sheep ranch where Phil and an older gentleman in a black jacket and tie are waiting next to the mat. Holding the gnome in the back seat on the ride to the helicopter, Tina says, "I'm just excited to take a helicopter ride." Someone certainly got over her fear of heights quickly. Between La Paz and the plane ride and the tower climb and the helicopter ride, I'm starting to worry that they're at risk of getting the bends.

Terence and Sarah are boarding the elevator to their rooftop, with him telling her to trust him. She says that she does. I also trust him -- to make the wrong choice at any given moment. Indeed, when they get to the roof, it doesn't look like the right place. "I'm seriously about to kill myself, honey," she says. But as Toni and Dallas wander through the apartment complex looking for their balcony gnome, Sarah discovers a ladder instead of hurling herself off the building. "Here, gnome!" she calls. Finally they reach the actual rooftop. "All gnome, all the time!" Terence celebrates, non sequiturly. Dallas also retrieves his and Toni's gnome from the balcony, where it's seated into a chair next to a bottle of what I assume is New Zealand wine country's finest. "Don't have any wine with him, just take the baby," Toni advises. A little early for that, anyway. And Sarah reads the clue on the bottom of the gnome she and Terence have found: "Drive to Kiwi 360ยบ."

Phil says the teams have to drive to the town of Te Puke. What he doesn't say is that it's more than a three-hour drive, as I just coincidentally happen to know as a result of having randomly looked it up on Google Maps. There, in the shadow of a gigantic sculpture of a kiwi fruit sliced in half, is the next clue box. Terence|Sarah and Toni|Dallas are on their way, in second and third respectively.

Starr takes the Road Block, and screws up on the first try. And the Frat Boys are at the hotel roof, getting ready to use their binoculars to find them some gnomes. "You know what those guys look like?" Dan asks Andrew. "Yeah, I know what they look like," Andrew answers irritably. Andrew has clearly had just about enough of Dan. I'm already there, as of three episodes ago. Down below, Kelly and Christy are arriving in their car. We see Christy pop out from behind the wheel and ask someone, "Can we valet?" I don't know why that strikes me as funny, but it does. Up on the roof, a spell of rain has commenced as Andrew locates a gnome waiting on a park bench next to a bicycle. They pass the divorcees on their way to the elevator.

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