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That's clearly not the case as Tina, encouraged by Ken below her, finally gets her hands on the top rail right below the blinking red beacon at the pinnacle. And who should she find clamped there but a Travelocity gnome? It's attached to the top railing, lying on its back staring up at the stratosphere six inches above its nose in what one might imagine to be frozen terror. Tina doesn't want to let go of the ladder long enough to grab it, so she moves aside to make way for Ken. Ken interviews that the race has shown him the Tina he fell in love with. I admit I was pretty impressed with both of them here. I notice the gnome has its own safety cable, which is probably a wise precaution. I hate to think what that thing could do if it landed on a passing Kiwi thirty miles below. "Hello, Senor gnome!" Ken greets it. "Helleww!" it Brits back at him, sending Ken plummeting to the street in shock. Not really.

Andrew and Christy are taking the Road Block for their respective teams. Christy interviews that the warriors are going to give her nightmares. Unlike Terence, she and Andrew nervously start with the front row rather than wading right into their ranks. Dan keeps yelling unhelpful encouragement at Andrew, but it's Christy who gets her match first. The ladies start the long walk back to their car, which is at least downhill this time. The Siblings, Team Long Distance, and the Belles are still on their way to the hill. Finally Andrew gets a match, and is clearly nervous about having to bump noses with a scary Maori, trying to suck his head down into his shoulders. But once it's over, he gives a loud victory whoop. They appear to get back to their car at about the same time the divorcees get to theirs.

Meanwhile, atop the City Life Hotel, Sarah and Terence have spotted a gnome that looks poised to hang-glide off the top of a neighboring skyscraper. So they'd better hurry. They descend and head off in that direction (Terence: "It's gnome time!"), just as Dallas and Toni are arriving. She rather quickly finds a gnome chilling on a nearby apartment balcony. This reminds me of a story. Last week I was in Florida with Trash and M. Edium, and while we were in the lobby of the resort where we were staying, Trash spotted a Travelocity gnome perched up on the high ledge around the cathedral ceiling. My instant reaction was, "What do we win?" But then we found out that we would have had to find nine more gnomes in other locations around the resort, and lost all interest. Much like what's going to happen here.

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