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Cab Fair

Team @ and Nick/Vicki are sticking together, and Nick interviews that Nat and Kat are the strongest team in the race. "They're very smart and they're athletic," Vicki agrees. I guess they got to know each other during the doctors' visit to the back of the pack. Sure enough, they soon find the right doorway and head inside. Because the maximum occupancy of the tower is two, only Kat and Nick head up the ladder to the top of the crumbling turret, where they both head straight out to the outer balcony and start scanning. They see nothing, because they went right past the window with the mini church sitting in it. "Maybe we're overlooking it. Maybe we're overthinking this right now, "Nick says, with the mini-church sitting in the window right behind him. Something tells me that overthinking is not something that Nick is often accused of.

Jill and Thomas find Bank Bridge and get their clue. Meanwhile, Michael and Kevin have been led to the right building, and they head inside to wait their turn. They can't go up until Nick and Kat come down, after all. Brook and Claire are still down at street level, until Brook somehow spots people up in the tower several blocks away and hurries them off in that direction. I'm not sure whether to be more amazed that Brook sighted the tiny figures from so far away or that they wandered so far from it in the first place after being led right to it. Soon they arrive, noting the cabs waiting outside. "That's not fair at all," Brook complains, as though whoever cabbed it over here isn't doomed to have it bite them in the ass. Inside, Kevin greets them, "You guys are carrying your bags?" Brook says that's what they were supposed to do. Kevin suddenly looks worried, although it's obviously a random shot from some other moment just dropped in there.

Up top, Kat and Nick are still seeing nothing, except a pair of chimneys marked with graffiti of a crude rendering of Munch's "The Scream" and the legend "DS-13," whatever that is. Nick doesn't think that's obvious enough; "When you see them, you know that's it." Says the race expert who doesn't know how Fast Forwards work. Suddenly Nick notices the figurine behind them and says, "Look at this, look how dumb we are." What's this "we" shit? If Kat's dumb, it's only from several minutes of concentrated exposure to Nick. They figure out where they're supposed to go, and Nick suggests they pretend to the teams waiting below that they don't know anything beyond the "DS-13" thing. He comes down the ladder chattering to the second group of teams about DS-13, even walking out saying, "Let's go find DS-13." There's such a thing as overselling, but Kevin buys it. "I don't think Nick would lie to us, cause he's awesome," Kevin says, which is odd, because Kevin is awesome, and yet when he called Nick "awesome" he was clearly lying. In any case, he and Claire head up to have a look of their own. They also miss the figurine at first, and Kevin suggests giving up and going to DS-13, but Claire doesn't think that's a great idea. I guess she could invite him to go on ahead, but they don't really seem to play that way. Or else she just forgot that she was up there with someone besides her partner.

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