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Back at the circus, Stephanie is suggesting a numeric code to Chad to help guide him through the song. "We're gonna get it before Thomas and Jill," she says confidently. That certainly seems to be the case, as Jill and Thomas are experiencing nothing but frustration. And the act ends with a close-up of a creepy clown statue and a creepy clown cackle, because it wasn't scary enough without them.

After the ads, Jill and Thomas decide to switch again, and aren't happy to see that everyone is gone from inside the tent. Jill's bummed, but Thomas figures that means the task is actually possible. He gives her a hug and says they can do it. Wow, a positive attitude!

Outside, Chad and Stephanie are making a run at it with the band. Apparently Stephanie has some musical background as well, about which Chad says, "I knew I would be the lone straggler." Of course, the difference between the two of them is that when Chad's a drag on the team, Stephanie calls it good teamwork. They finish in 6th place. "We should start a band," she says as they head back to their cab. Sure, if they want to argue like Oasis all the time. Trying to convey the idea of the Bank Bridge, Chad mimes wings to their driver, who looks at us blankly. But once they're underway, Stephanie says she was proud of Chad, who overcame his tone deafness. "And my sausage fingers get in the way," he adds. Wow, what a catch.

Team QVC has found a local to guide them to the building and get their kiss count up to nine. Soon there's going to be one of those Amazing Subtitles updating us on that number. I hope it's a numeral inside a pair of red cartoon lips. "Look in every doorway. It's gonna be marked. We'll just keep looking," Brook chatters as they jog right on past the Amazing Flag hanging from the awning. Team @ are still looking for it when they encounter Nick and Vicki, who are also still searching. Michael and Kevin are jogging along behind their cab, while Michael voices doubts about whether this is the right direction. Wouldn't it be awesome if it turned out they were not only breaking the rules, they were doing so to be led the wrong way? Gary and Mallory are also searching, Mallory doing her usual desperate praying. Jesus is like, "Fine, put it on the pile."

Back at the circus tent, Jill and Thomas finish the Detour at last (and in last), and they know it. Didn't take them long to drop the whole way down the field, but at least they still have time to recover. There must be no more chilling feeling in the race than realizing that seventh place isn't going to cut it any more. While the field shrinks, so does the margin of error.

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