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Cab Fair

Nick and Vicki finish the plate spinning, and Vicki lets out such a long, high scream I can't believe it doesn't shatter every plate in earshot. I don't care if they're shatterproof, they must be bulletproof to withstand that sonic onslaught. They're off to the next clue in third place, which would be pretty good for a team that started in last if everyone didn't effectively begin this leg at the same time anyway.

Jill and Thomas, meanwhile, are getting nowhere, as Thomas realizes there's a third "song." And now there's three times the whining. Gary and Mallory try with the band, and have some fun with it as they finish the Detour in fourth. Michael and Kevin finish the plate task, so they're soon on their way in fifth place.

Brook and Claire are still in first when they get to Bank Bridge, and the clue begins, "The mystery continues." This is a pretty charitable use of the word "mystery," if you ask me. But anyway, Phil says they'll now have to travel by foot to "this historic building," which the subtitles identify as 1 Vladimirskiy Prospekt Tower," and which the producers have identified with a little Amazing Flag hanging from the awning. Phil specifies, "They may ask locals for help, but may not pay a taxi to lead them." Now why would Phil mention that unless someone was going to do the exact opposite of that? Once they reach the building, a maximum of two racers at a time will be allowed to climb up to the tower atop the building, probably because it looks like it's ready to collapse at any moment if more than two people go up there. It's one of those things where you have to scan the skyline for your next clue, but in this case, there's also a clue in the tower: a little figurine of an elaborately minaretted structure called The Church on Spilled Blood -- which just happens to be visible from the tower's wraparound balcony. Then they'll have to walk to the church for their next clue. Now why would I put that word in italics unless someone was going to do the exact opposite of that?

Brook and Claire clear out of there, and Nat and Kat arrive at the bridge soon thereafter, followed by Nick and Vicki and then Michael and Kevin. Michael reminds Kevin, "Read the clue, Kevin. Don't miss a word." And the next second, we see Kevin asking their cab driver, "Show us," in clear violation of the clue's instructions. That would be more ironic if the echo from the audio on Michael's request didn't make it obvious that he said it at some other point in the race, when they were inside. Either way, they're still breaking the rules as they start jogging unencumbered behind the cab that's illegally leading them to the next spot, with their backpacks in the trunk. Gary and Mallory get to the Bank Bridge in fifth and start hoofing it like they're supposed to.

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