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Cab Fair

Nick tries to coach Vicki through transferring one spinning plate up onto the stationary pole, but it tips over on her, to his frustration. In fact, he calls her a "Dumb-ass," because when he promised never again blow up like he did in Ghana, he didn't say he'd stop calling her names; he's just saying them quieter. It's at this point that it first becomes apparent that these are trick plates, with a deeply concave underside to accommodate the pole (that's what she said). I'm sure it's still tricky, but not as difficult -- not to mention as dangerous -- as it would be with the flat-bottomed plates you and I have in our cupboards. Brook and Claire interview that they can do anything if they focus and don't panic, and that seems to be the case here; they're the first to finish. They hug and dance with the clowns before Brook remembers to ask for a clue, which she rips open amid a huddle of curious clowns who want to read over her shoulder. "Time to solve a Russian mystery," she reads. So they're going to find out what the deal was with Nick and Vicki's Speed Bump?

Phil explains that the next thing is for the teams to "figure out that they're looking for Bank Bridge, the canal bridge guarded by four creatures with golden wings." Don't worry, they're only statues, but they're still a bit of overkill for a short footbridge across a narrow canal. The clue box is in the middle of the bridge where even these people can't miss it. Brook and Claire head off, cheered on by the clowns, and high-five in the cab. In first place, again. For now (again).

Kat's having trouble keeping her clown nose on, but they're ready to go play with the "band," which is a couple of guys with giant bass balalaikas. They play it so slowly, one note at a time, that it's hardly recognizable, but one of the band members says, "Yes, it's good," so they're done in second place, and pretty happy about it. Gary and Mallory are close to done, although as Gary remarks, the clown nose makes it hard to look down at the keys while you play. Jill and Thomas, meanwhile, have learned the first phrase, but when they learn there's more, there's a lot of high-pitched whining. And Jill isn't happy about it either. Inside, Chad and Stephanie decide to switch tasks. "I think this is stupid," Chad says with his usual diplomatic phrasing when describing something he can't do, and a minute later they're sitting down with their accordions. "It's like Guitar Hero," Chad says. It's really not.

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