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Cab Fair

After they've cleared the mat, Phil calls Michael and Kevin back up to officially Philiminate them. Michael's philosophical about it, but Phil notices that Kevin doesn't look happy. Put on the spot, Kevin rallies and says, "I'm happy with how we did and, uh, I'm really proud of my dad for doing this race for me." He says Michael has always been his role model. Over a sepia montage of special Team YouTube moments (the tiny boats in England, the one wheelbarrow in Ghana, the ice chairs in Sweden, their penalty stairs just now, the fishing boat in Norway) Kevin says he's learning to not get frustrated and be positive, which is strange, because this leg was the most frustrated and least positive we've seen him. Michael says he knows his son a lot better than he did before the race. "When the kids turn into teenagers they think their parents don't know anything, and I feel like Kevin's become a stranger to me, but I think this race is going to pull us together again. I'm really proud of him." It's nice for Michael that he was eliminated here rather than Ghana. If it had been the latter he probably would have been too exhausted to be that articulate.

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