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Cab Fair

Speaking of changing ranks, Kevin moans that they got there in second place and now they're in last place, it being down to Michael and Stephanie. Michael knocks down a group of pins, but it takes his second toss to sweep them clear, so he's got two done. "On the first try, after taking an hour on the first one," Kevin points out. Now that's a learning curve. Or a learning backwards-L, as the case may be. Stephanie gets her second one, too. But Michael's gotten his third, so they're done. "Michael and Kevin just left, so I think we're in last place right now," Chad says, surprisingly calmly. Stephanie misses by a mile. "It's either one side or the other, it's never in the middle," she says like it's funny.

Thomas is trying to pay off his taxi, but he's not accepting the amount that Thomas is offering. He tries to grab Jill's bag as a hostage, I guess, with Jill still strapped into it. "Give him the money," Thomas says, separating them. Michael and Kevin are also coming up short, with their cabbie demanding 10,000 rubles (that's about $326.50). Kevin offers all the cash they have, but they soon find their bags being dragged toward a trunk, as well. Dude, Russian cabbies are not to be fucked with.

Back at the gorodki court, Stephanie isn't hitting much more than the camera. I think the show's just doing it on purpose now "Come on, damn!" Chad rages. "That's not helping me," she says.

Stephanie misses again after the ads. "It's like I'm trying to avoid it," she says. Chad doesn't seem amused. Outside, two teams are still trying to get their cabbie to take what they have, and Jill realizes she has a stash of American dollars. Thomas shoves sixty bucks (a paltry 1,800 rubles) into the driver's hand and they take off. "Jill, you rock!" Thomas yells as they run back in. Kevin is trying to get their driver to take three thousand. "We have to go, we're in last place," he whines. Maybe he'd be able to cover the fare if he hadn't illegally used the taxi twice in this leg. Jill and Thomas run past Chad and Stephanie, happy to still see them at the task. And then on up to the Pit Stop mat, where they stand there licking their lips while waiting for Phil to tell them they're team number five. Quite a roller coaster for those two this leg.Michael has found $40 USD in his Amazing Purse, which seems to satisfy their driver, so they're running back to the fortress, Kevin telling him to "run like you've never run before." Which is how Michael always runs anyway: like he's never done it before.

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