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Cab Fair

Chad and Stephanie get out of their cab outside the Church on Spilled Blood. "Look at you go, girl," Chad says as she sprints ahead of him to the clue box. We get a look at the clue, in which we also learn that, "The writer Dostoyevsky was imprisoned within me," but who cares about writers. The very first group of people they ask know about the Peter and Paul Fortress, so they're soon on their way, smiling like they're not in last place at all.

Jill and Thomas get in a cab to the Peter and Paul Fortress, Thomas pointing it out to the driver on a tattered street map that looks like he bought it in the Notre Dame student bookstore the first week of his freshman year. Gary and Mallory also find a taxi.

Inside the Fortress, Nat and Kat soon find the bastion. Phil gestures to them as they approach and gives the greeter -- a tall man in the uniform of a modern Russian naval officer -- a questioning look. "Eh, not bad," the greeter seems to nod. He welcomes them to the Fortress and shakes their hands, and Phil tells them they're team number one, and they've won $5,000 each. Someone forgot to go shopping again. "You feel like you've made a target of yourselves by performing so well?" he asks them. Kat says they're afraid to be eliminated if they don't go all out. "It's too late, we can't take the target off, so now we just better stay in front," Nat adds. Hard to argue with that plan.

"It's taking a while but I know he'll get it," Kevin assures us as Michael continues to not get it. Brook, however, does, sending not only the pins in her first group flying, but also the cheapo-camera that's been positioned at the corner of the area she's supposed to clear, which gives us a look at what a gorodki pin sees as it's flying across the ground. Michael's saying he can't do it, but Kevin promises he can. Claire gives us an update on Brook's progress, which is nothing we didn't know except for how, "She's already got a fan base there watching her." That would be a trio of pubescent boys watching from a nearby park bench like they've never seen a skinny blonde American chick in tight clothes playing gorodky before. Brook does a little dance for them while waiting for her bats to be brought back to her, getting way too much encouragement from Claire. She and Michael both take a few more bad shots, and another gorod-kam takes one as well. Brook gets the second one done, while Michael continues to fail and Kevin moans, "please, please, please" and gets more and more frustrated. Brook picks up a spare on her third one, and as usual they celebrate before getting their clue. "Let's go back to get our bags," Brook suggests, and they run back out toward the taxi stand. Kevin is trying to stay positive: "Hopefully we'll get one before another team shows up or else we might be out."

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