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Cab Fair

Nick and Vicki finally get a cab. "It was a third-grader mistake," Nick tells her unhelpfully. But far be it from him to blow up at her. Jill/Thomas and Nick/Mallory have found the clue box outside the Church on Spilled Blood, and they continue to stick together while not finding anyone to help them.

Brook and Claire are back at the church for the second time, and jump into a cab to get to the Fortress. "Okay now we have followed the rules," Claire confirms. "Yep!" Brook agrees. It seems to be a load off their minds.

Jill/Thomas and Gary/Mallory now know where they're going, but still don't have any cabs between them. Or their bags, because those are still in the cabs they left behind. This must be a pretty small neighborhood these three landmarks are in if people can keep walking back to their cabs and everything. Over at the Fortress, Kat knocks down another gorodki cluster. Michael and Kevin arrive, randomly running past a bride and groom on their way to the gorodki courts, which I'm sure makes the Amazing Producers feel like they missed some kind of opportunity somewhere. Michael's doing this one, and although he can certainly hit the pins, he doesn't hit them hard enough to clear them out of the area like he's supposed to. "Maybe it looks easier than it is," Kevin winks diplomatically. Next to arrive are Brook and Claire, somehow still in third despite having to retrace a chunk of the leg on foot. Brook's doing this one, and she starts throwing them wide, babbling to Claire, "It's not as easy as it looks." Claire keeps telling her to focus, which may be her polite way of saying, "I was counting on five minutes' peace while this kept you busy, and by God I plan to get it." Kat seems to be hung up on her third one, which is better than how badly Michael is still hung up on his first. Kevin says he wishes he'd done this, but he's done four Road Blocks and Michael's only done two and they were trying to balance it out. Also, he adds, "I didn't think this would be that hard." Well, it may only be that hard for Michael, because Kat gets her third grouping, and their last clue: "Enter the Fortress and make your way to the next Pit Stop," they read, because apparently they're not actually inside the Fortress's walls yet. As we get to see an artillery cannon being fired, Phil says the teams will now need to find "this bastion, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race." Which raises the obvious question of how many of the racers even know what a bastion is. As usual, the last team to check in may be eliminated. Or they may not, in which case they may or may not have to do a Speed Bump in the next leg. I don't know, ask Nick and Vicki. Nat and Kat head inside.

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