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When Guido Met Mirna

Uchenna and Joyce are kind of lost on the way to the airport. I think they went the same way as Eric and Pink. Maybe Kevin and Drew, too, because Drew feels like they're "going in circles." "Just shut up for two minutes, please," Kevin says, and Drew mutters about being told to shut up. They just don't look happy, which is weird and unnatural. Sad Kevin and Drew are disorienting to watch.

At Copa, apparently without even asking what the story is about flight times, Dave and Mary buy -- well, Mary buys -- tickets on the Copa flight. David eventually asks about the American flight, but not until after they can't take it back, so they're stuck on the bad flight, because they didn't even ask. There's an auspicious beginning for you. Dustin and Kandice and Team Guido come up to the counter and ask what's what. Mary tells them that Copa is "the fastest." In an interview, David says they were totally prepared to lie to them, because now, it's all about the cheating and the backstabbing. And maybe not so much about the dragging an alliance around, presumably.

Commercials. Your skin is wrinkly. Wrinkly, I tell you!

When we return, Teri and Ian walk up to Copa as well, and David goes over and whispers to Teri that actually, this flight is the worst one, and he tells them that if they have the time, they should check at American. This information reaches Guido as well, or at least they suspect, because they, along with Teri and Ian, run off for American. The BQs stay long enough to ask for themselves, at which point they learn that they have been misled! And Copa is slower! Damn those Kentuckians. They run for American as well. I think Mary probably created some ill will unnecessarily right there. Was it worth it to get the BQs on that flight? Eh.

Over at American, Mirna is trying on her persecution complex for the first time this season, and it looks fabulous and covered with feathers. She is worrying aloud to Oswald that maybe someone will come along and try to push them out of line. Oswald pleasantly humors her, assuring her that he will "take care of" anyone who tries to push her. He gives them both smooches. Oh, great. He's ruined now. Ian and Teri walk up to the counter at American, getting in line behind Charla and Mirna. Jill and John Vito, Rob and Amber, and Danny and Oswald are all ticketed on American. As Danny and Oswald depart, they run into the arriving BQs and Guidos. That is a collision of people used to dressing nicely, that's for sure.

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