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When Guido Met Mirna

And then a couple of teams get passed by Dave and Mary, who are apparently in the hunt all of a sudden. A bunch of teams peel off on a particular road, but Eric tells Pink that's just one way to go -- he apparently has a different one in mind, and he's both navigating and driving, so she's... maybe chewing gum, I guess, as far as tasks. Next, we see Charla and Mirna, and I will tell you right now, Mirna still makes me twitchy. Charla excitedly points out that she outran Drew, which impresses Mirna. And finally, in last place at the moment, we visit Kevin and Drew. Drew is talking about how everybody passed him during the run. He says he looked like an idiot, and Kevin grumpily agrees. Drew despairs that he "can't run at all with that backpack." Sniffle.

Danny and Oswald see the sign with the little airplane that tells them they're on the right track. "You're doing great, you're awesome," Oswald gushes. "Keep stroking me, I like it," Danny says. What? It's his ego, you dirty bird. As the teams approach the airport, Rob decides to pour it on and pass Jill and John Vito and Oswald and Danny, because being first at the airport instead of third is apparently so important. In an interview, Rob leans toward the camera and says, "Amber and I did not drag our asses back for the Amazing Race All-Stars to finish in second place. Mahhhk my words." Consider them marked, dude. They pull over into the airport Fast Park, but they're not in quite the right place, and Jill and John Vito follow and also are not in quite the right place. Having seen this happen, Danny and Oswald breeze by and are, after all, the first to get themselves into the correct parking lot. They have a chuckle over their shifting fortunes and how they got to the right place by giving up the lead. John Vito and Jill get reoriented and make it into the Fast Park next, as Jill urges, "JV, JV, JV!" "JV": it's the new "babe." First to get on the shuttle, because of the vagaries of the way shuttles drive around the parking lot, are Jill and John Vito, and John Vito tries to build the lead by urging the shuttle driver not to pick up anybody else. Rob and Amber get in a shuttle next. At first, they seem to be zooming off, but when they see Oswald and Danny, Rob relents and tells the driver to stop. As Oswald and Danny climb aboard, Rob tells them it was the least he could do after they led the way to the airport. Rob voices over, but fortunately does not say out loud, that this is officially his "first kind gesture," and that it practically killed him. I'm not sure "kind" means what he thinks it means. As the teams chat on the shuttle, Danny says, "So, I hear you guys have your own... cable channel." That was some quality comic timing. Rob laughs, because... well, it's not like he can argue with the basic point. Which is, "So, you enjoy being on television, it would seem."

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