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When Guido Met Mirna

Currently in third place are Rob and Amber, and they are wearing the same red sweatshirts, I think, that they clearly consider their trademark. He's wondering about the two possible flights, and she confirms that Copa and American are the two airlines. I have to say, I've never even heard of Copa Airlines. I would not have known what to make of that. In fourth place: Team Guido, and one of them is saying "I'm not in as good of a shape as I thought I was," and laughing, only neither of them appears to have his lips moving, so... smooth move with the edit, there. As they get off the highway, Joe says very faux-seriously, "It's a good thing we come to Miami every seven years." Ha! Oh, Joe. When did Joe become such a comedian? I fully expect a joke about the quality of his Italian later. Bill laughs. They've really figured out a whole different attitude to adopt -- less "RAR!" and more "Hey, glad to be here," and I have to say, it's immensely flattering. Sixth place: Dustin and Kandice. Kandice says that now, they don't want to be "the beauty queens" or "the blondes," they want to be the first female team to win... on their second consecutive attempt. They, too, do the over-the-shoulder-five about being "back." As stated previously, I'm immensely tired of them on sight, which isn't even entirely their fault. It's just too soon. I have Miss Whatever Fatigue, is all. Danielle tells us she's "gnaw-seous" about being back. Eric frowns. I think he's beginning to realize that this is going to be his gig, pretty much, and she's along for the ride. In an interview, he's all smirky about "I'm in charge," and she's all giggly about "hee hee," and won't that be an enjoyable dynamic to watch for however long. On the one hand, he's kind of being a dickhead, but on the other hand, at least he won't let her trip on her shoelaces.

Eric and Danielle pass Uchenna and Joyce, who are keeping it -- and by "it," I mean the fact that they are in the race -- on the down-low for most of this episode. Teri and Ian, meanwhile, are discussing the speedboat, which he thought "was cool." It reminded him of Miami Vice, which is a nicely dated reference under the circumstances. I think she looks awesome, by the way -- there's a sly Insider Video reference that kind of hints that she's had work done, but I don't think she's sporting a She Has Had Work Done look at all. ["I actually thought she was in the promo photos, but on the actual show, it's not as noticeable." -- Joe R] I like her hair longer, too, and think it makes her look way less severe, so it's all a big thumbs up from me. I still do not like Ian's choice of hatwear, which is almost a relief, because there's only so much world-rocking I can take in one week. In an interview, he's wearing a kind of... pointier version of an Indiana Jones hat, as he explains that he worked as a police officer in undercover narcotics for a long time, which I don't think I knew, or which I had forgotten. He says he hopes it will be an advantage. Maybe that's why he knows things like draining a gas tank -- maybe he used to drain them to see if there was 157 pounds of pot in there. Ian passes Uchenna and Joyce, asking Teri to call out who it is they're passing. They also pass Eric and "Pink," as Ian calls her, and then Ian says "HOO-rah," and now you have a race.

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