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When Guido Met Mirna

John Vito interviews that the race "really brought us back together." Through tears, Jill interviews that it "reunified our relationship to each other and how much we care about each other." She goes on: "So maybe this is going to put us, John Vito and Jill, on a new path that's definitely more than just friends." As much as my romantic little heart, and my little heart that is so enormously fond of them both, would like to leap with joy at this, this kind of situation is very, very complicated, and I will only say I hope that whatever they work out works for them. It's fuckin' hard, no matter what you do, the whole thing with people you loved, and you're doing the "DO NOT BACK UP: SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE" thing, because you can't really go backwards, and... ugh.

Next week: Everybody is obsessed with Rob and Amber. Oh, good. Also: Charla versus the BQs! This will be almost as good as when she was on Battle Of The Network Reality Stars and she jousted with The Swan.

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