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When Guido Met Mirna

Charla and Mirna, driving across the park.

Welcome, Eric and Pink. You are team number four.

Back to Cousin Car, where Charla is all teary already about how "stressful" it is.

Bill and Joe have a little smooch at the mat as they're told that they're team number five. Pretty good, considering that they got themselves hosed on the flight. You never know with those guys; they're gamers, even a few years older and a few years slower.

Charla and Mirna look out the back of Cousin Car and are thrilled to see Dave and Mary behind them. So... either Dave and Mary also hit the south entrance, which I don't think is the case, or they've caught up just as both teams are heading toward the destination. Charla is ecstatic that anyone is behind them, and she wildly gestures that they don't actually know where they're going. Mary comments, "I think they think they're lost." Apparently, Mary knows they aren't. Up in Cousin Car, Charla happily says, "We're not last, and... " She trails of, then tries to rally with, "We'll... beat 'em in a foot race?" Mirna: "Yeah, right." Nice. I love it when she rubs it in how slow Charla is. Furthermore, has she seen Mary run? Not that fast, really. Don't count yourself out, blondie.

Elsewhere, Jill is just sure she and John Vito are out of it, because they came into the park the wrong way. John Vito tries to reassure her, reminding her of all the times when they raced originally that they thought they were in last, and it turned out they weren't. They just keep driving. Pang. Pang! Pang! And elsewhere, Kevin and Drew hit a hard bump, and when they get out, they discover a flat tire. "What are we gonna do?" Drew wonders. Good question.

The BQs and Uchenna and Joyce are done with the horses, so they receive the pit stop clue. Drew and Kevin, meanwhile, decide not to change the tire, but just to keep driving as long as they can. Zoiks. That seems like it's... outrageously dangerous, not to mention extremely bad for a rented vehicle's health, but... there they are, in the SUV, on their way. Welcome, Dustin and Kandice. You are team number six.

David and Mary and Charla and Mirna come driving up to the Hacienda. "This is fun," Mary says as they drive through a water hazard.

And Uchenna and Joyce, you are team number seven. And who are you again?

David and Mary don't have too much trouble picking Wrangle It, but Mirna's like, "'Wrangle It' is going to require holding down a wild horse." "That's fine, I'll hold it," Charla says, and apparently, someone seriously doubts her horse-holding ability, because this comment is followed by a gigantic comical gong sound, which I think may be a little uncalled for. Unless it's meant to crack on Mirna for making Charla do everything, in which case... okay.

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