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When Guido Met Mirna

Teri and Ian finish with their horse and are sent to the pit stop. As they're leaving, Eric and Pink and Team Guido are arriving at the Detour clue box. Both these teams take the horse, and then we move to the mat in time to see Ian and Teri check in. "We're here, Phil," Ian says, apparently having chosen to go without "We're comin', Phil!" until later. I really hope he busts it out at some point, or I'm going to feel kind of... cheated. Hey, anything can be nostalgic. Shut up.

Kevin and Drew are on the road with Mary and David right behind them. Mary presses David to pass, and when David puts the SUV into four-wheel drive (or so they imply), he and Mary are able to pass Kevin and Drew. "I can't believe you just let 'em do that," Kevin grumps. I think either Kevin should drive, or Kevin should be quiet, because nobody likes a back-seat driver, even one that's on television.

Jill and John Vito arrive at what they understand to be the north entrance. Unfortunately, it turns out to be the south entrance. In case you're wondering what the hell is going on here, allow me to quote from this site: "The main entrance to Cotopaxi National Park is located just a few kilometers before the town of Lasso. Drive south from Quito approximately two hours on the Pan American Highway until you see a large sign for 'Parque Nacional Cotopaxi'... Unlike the north entrance accessed via Machachi, the road to this one is relatively well marked." So the north entrance is (1) not the main entrance; and (2) not well marked. These are the directions to the park, by the way, that are given from Quito, so if you ask people just how to get to the park, this is probably what you get. That's why we have teams who wound up either at or heading for the south entrance, I think. At any rate, Jill and John Vito are very unhappy about this development, but they're told that it's possible to get to where they're going from here, too. So they're just going to take off and "hope for the best." Boo!

Horses, horses, horses, horses! Eric and Pink are hard at work, and she's complaining that right this minute, she's "touching poop." It's like she's some kind of savant. Joe is working on the hooves, and noting that they're "a lot bigger than Guido's." Heh. Uchenna and Joyce and the BQs are finally reaching the Detour, and they both take the horses, to what is now the surprise of absolutely nobody. Having leapt to fourth place, meanwhile, Eric and Pink are suddenly picking up the pit stop clue. Quite a climb in a short period of time, there. Joe and Bill are right behind them.

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