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When Guido Met Mirna

Teri and Ian choose the horse Detour immediately. Eric and Pink have caught up to Uchenna and Joyce and the BQs, who apparently have failed to step on it adequately. Eric tells us in an interview that he is competitive and dislikes losing. This, of course, distinguishes him from everyone else involved in the race. When Uchenna and Joyce and the BQs pause at a pipe that's spewing water across the road, Eric decides pausing is for sissies, so he roars on past. He assures us from his front seat that he doesn't "know what 'hesitate' means." Pink laughs from the back seat, because she remembers when that same thing happened to her during the SATs.

Welcome, Oswald and Danny, you are team number two! They hug. Good for them, representing for the old, old, old seasons.

Charla and Mirna come in the south entrance, as they decided to do earlier, and they get the news they should have expected, which is that the place they're looking for is at the opposite end of the park. They ask how long it will take to get there, and they're told it will be maybe an hour.

Kevin and Drew. Drew looks out the window and muses, "Peru is nice. It's beautiful out." Now, one of two things is the case here. One, Drew and Kevin planned this. Two, this was the best thing that ever happened to Kevin, hearing Drew say that. Because in just the way he used to be, Drew has now become the sort of unwitting straight man. "I'm sure it's nice in Peru," Kevin says. "We're in Ecuador." It's good that we got to see that, because they kind of don't seem like themselves for the rest of this particular episode. At any rate, whichever country they're in, they follow a bus onto the road to Cotapaxi. David and Mary take it too, as Mary tells him, "If you ain't got me holding your hand, you can't do nothin'." Apparently, she has not heard of positive reinforcement as a method of behavior modification, but she has heard of endless nagging.

Jill and John Vito are still... getting... directions to the park. When they're back in the car, John Vito despairs over the fact that it's going so wrong after they started out so strong on this leg. Which is a good point. "This may put us in last place," Jill observes. She adds, "Just when you think it's all going too smooth... it goes downhill real fast, right?" John Vito looks unhappy. I feel unhappy.

Back from commercials, John Vito is talking about how that first guy they followed took them the wrong way. So they're not feeling very good about their position. Elsewhere, in the Mirna and Charla car, Mirna says, "Do you think that we'll be driving all night long, Charla, like this until midnight?" Oh, I wish. It also doesn't seem likely, since the guy said it would be more like an hour. Charla says she's not sure "what to expect anymore."

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