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When Guido Met Mirna

Jill and John Vito have a guy offer to lead them to the park. And it begins.

Rob and Amber take the road to Cotopaxi. He wonders aloud if they're in first place right now, and she says she's not sure -- people could have gotten lost when they were busy following their taxi. Jill and John Vito's guy pulls over, and he tells them that it's still about an hour to the park the way they're going. Oswald and Danny take the road to Cotopaxi. And on this road, there are some pigs, Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha. Jill and John Vito discuss the fact that they might be entering on the wrong side of the park. Predictably, Rob and Amber are right where they want to be, at the north entrance. Mirna and Charla, however, are less lucky. Juan tells them that they are on the way to the south entrance. Apparently, they didn't give him that detail, or he didn't understand it. Maybe Mirna forgot to say, "We use north entrance-o!" He tells them they'll need to turn around and go back if they want to get to the north entrance. They decide, under Charla's guidance, to just use the south entrance and hope for the best, that they can get to where they're going this way.

Ian and Teri and Joe and Bill are making good progress. Joe, who's driving, gives the camera a little speech about how it's so much nicer being just the two of them in a car on their own, and rather hilariously, Bill is patting Joe on the shoulder, and then patting his hair, and making this hilarious kitty-cat noise. It's just about the cutest thing you ever did see from regular purveyors of absolute wickedness.

Hacienda Yanahurco. Hey, guess who's here! It's Rob and Amber! What a surprise! They get out and find the clue box, and the clue turns out to be a Detour. The choices are Wrangle It and Recover It. In Wrangle It, the team has to "help" a bunch of cowboys lasso and tie down a wild horse to be groomed. Phil says that the horses here have hooves that get so long they can't walk, and it really looks unpleasant to see these horses in that condition. As a few of the EEFPs have pointed out, horses shouldn't really be like that if they're even remotely under the care of anyone, and these look only partially wild and look very skinny in addition to everything else that's wrong with them. At any rate, once you trim the hooves and clip the mane and tail, you're done, and you get your clue. In Recover It, one of your team members puts on a historical uniform, and then you walk all over a field looking for a bunch of artifacts. When they're done, they'll get their clue from "a general." Rob and Amber apparently have a no-animal-tasks rule they've set up in advance, so they immediately go to the hunt around the field. They find the sword quickly, but one of the items is a button, and it looks like a mighty big field in which to look for a button. Danny and Oswald are approaching the park, and Rob and Amber are realizing that this needle/haystack thing is even worse then crazy animals.

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