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When Guido Met Mirna

The Copa flight lands. BQs and Guidos are first out. In the cab, Joe says that the TAR10 people "aren't tired yet," unlike him and Joe, to whom he refers as "the Gutsy Grannies here," which I found hilarious. (I think that's what he did. Either that, or he said there were no Gutsy Grannies, which would also be funny, though less so.) This self-deprecating comedy routine is what you're getting from Team Guido this season instead of all that "YES!"-ing and fist-pumping. I prefer this, quite a lot, and I really don't care about the degree to which it's PR, which I'm sure is significant. Eric and Pink are out next, then Uchenna and Joyce. Then Dave and Mary, and then Kevin and Drew. Kevin is insisting that "worst to first" is always a possibility. That is very optimistic. Back at Pim's, the front bunch of teams are sitting down for a meal, and Rob is saying that the fact that a bunch of teams aren't there yet is really breaking his heart. Other people laugh. With, undoubtedly, extreme hatred.

BQs and Guidos get their clue and head for Pim's. Then Uchenna and Joyce, Eric and Pink, then Dave and Mary. Eric and Pink get passed by Dave and Mary, which makes Pink put her head in her hands in despair, as if she's got anything to complain about at this point, given what she appears to be contributing. And then finally, Kevin and Drew get to the clue box at the plaza, but on his way out of the cab, Drew takes a tumble, rolls over, and winds up lying in the street while Kevin runs to the clue box. "Get up, buddy," Kevin says, and then we go to commercials.

Commercials. Travelocity is my sworn enemy.

When we return, Drew is still rolling around on the ground in agony while Kevin repeats "Get up, buddy" and "Get up, get up" and other pieces of sound medical advice. As Drew finally stands up and Kevin tells him they'll get "right back in," the captions say, "Currently In Last Place." Caption bastards. As Drew climbs into the van, he moans that he may have dislocated his shoulder by rolling over it when he fell. Apparently, on this evening's show, Kevin and Drew will be playing the part of Job.

Over at Pim's, the BQs pick up a 7:15 AM departure time. Team Guido arrives next, and Joe says he's not bothered by being in seventh place at this point. Back in the Kevin and Drew cab, Kevin assures Drew that if he'd separated his shoulder or something, he wouldn't be wiggling it around in agony as he currently is. Uchenna and Joyce and David and Mary arrive at Pim's just about on top of each other and grab their numbers. It turns out that it does matter a little, because Uchenna and Joyce pull a 7:15 departure, while Mary and David get the first 7:30. "Fifteen minutes can cost us the whole game," Mary complains. Drew is still in pain, but now they take a minute to bandage up his skinned knee, which he insists isn't the main problem. In fact, he even reports that his shoulder is feeling better, and Kevin assures him he'll be fine. Or else dead, I suppose. They run smack into Pink and Eric at Pim's, and both teams wind up with the last two 7:30 departure times. Eric interviews that he's not particularly pleased to be at the back of the pack. The teams all settle into their cots for the night, secure in the knowledge that you don't have to sleep on the street anymore, which probably comes as a relief to Kevin and Drew and Guido.

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